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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Check and set up of used boom sprayers in Lombardy 1-set-2006 D. PessinaD. Facchinetti Conference Object -
Chemical homogeneity and particle size distribution of dairy cow TMR along the feeding alley with different mixing times 18-giu-2018 V. PERRICONEA. AGAZZIA. COSTAM. LAZZARIG. SAVOINIA. CALCANTEF. M. TANGORRA Article (author) -
Chemometrics in food technology 22-mar-2012 R. GuidettiR. BeghiV. Giovenzana Book Part (author) -
Chioma in ordine 1-mar-2015 D. Giordano Article (author) -
Chioma in ordine con la palizzatura 1-giu-2013 D. Giordano Article (author) -
Chlorophyll fluorescence sensing for early detection of crop's diseases symptoms 1-ago-2002 L. BodriaM. FialaE. NaldiR. Oberti Book Part (author) -
Chlorophyll sensing to estimate the fruit maturity stage 1-giu-2002 L. BodriaM. FialaR. GuidettiR. Oberti Book Part (author) -
Cicli di Vita 1-gen-2014 J. BacenettiA. FusiM. Fiala Article (author) -
Cingolato vs gommato. Chi vince? 1-gen-2008 D. FacchinettiD. Pessina Article (author) -
Cingoli ok , se sono in gomma (Prova strumentata trattore New Holland TK4060 SmartTrax) 2-giu-2014 D. PessinaD. FacchinettiD. Giordano Article (author) -
Cippato a gogò (cippatrici forestali Pezzolato) 1-mar-2011 D. Facchinetti Article (author) -
Le cippatrici : tecnologia necessaria per l’economia forestale – Wood chippers : a necessary technology for forestry economy 1-feb-2014 D. Facchinetti Article (author) -
Claas Lexion 570: regale in un mare di spighe 1-gen-2005 D. PessinaD. Facchinetti Article (author) -
Classification of Wine Grape Based on Different Phytosanitary Status by Using Visible/Near Infrared Spectroscopy 1-gen-2017 Giovenzana VBeghi R.Brancadoro L.Guidetti R. Conference Object -
Classification of Wine Grape Based on Different Phytosanitary Status by Using Visible/Near Infrared Spectroscopy 1-lug-2017 V. GiovenzanaR. BeghiL. BrancadoroR. Guidetti Article (author) -
Close range precision spraying airflow /plant interaction 1-gen-2012 M. MarchiP. TirelliR. Oberti + Book Part (author) -
Close-range air-assisted precision spot-spraying for robotic applications : aerodynamics and spray coverage analysis 1-giu-2016 R. Oberti + Article (author) -
The Club of Bologna 1-gen-2016 L. BodriaM. Fiala + Book Part (author) -
Club of Bologna: 20 anni di successi 1-mar-2010 L. BodriaM. Fiala Article (author) -
Coefficients of repair and maintenance costs of self-propelled combine harvesters in Italy 1-gen-2013 A. Calcante + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 161 a 180 di 1.392
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