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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
P 106 - Intra- and inter-operator reliability of a novel hand protocol during grip movement in healthy subjects 1-set-2018 Negrini S. + Article (author) -
P 127 – A pilot study of forward bending, lateral flexion and axial rotation of the spine in healthy subjects 1-gen-2018 Negrini S. + Article (author) -
P 159 - Gait in stroke patients is influenced by upper limb functioning: A quantitative analysis correlating QuickDASH with Instrumented TUG and 10MWT 1-set-2018 Negrini S. + Article (author) -
P 165 - Changes in gait kinematic parameters after rehabilitation in total knee arthroplasty subjects: A prospective observational pilot study 1-set-2018 Arienti CNegrini S. + Article (author) -
A P system description of the sodium-potassium pump 1-gen-2005 D. Besozzi + Book Part (author) -
P system models for mechanosensitive channels 1-gen-2005 D. Besozzi + Book Part (author) -
P systems under uncertainty: the case of transmembrane proteins 1-gen-2004 S. AguzzoliD. Besozzi + Book Part (author) -
P Systems with deadlock 1-gen-2003 D. Besozzi + Article (author) -
P Systems with Gemmation of Mobile Membranes 1-gen-2001 D. Besozzi + Book Part (author) -
P systems with vague boundaries: the t-norm approach 1-gen-2004 S. AguzzoliD. Besozzi. B. Gerla + Book Part (author) -
P(NIPAAM-co-HEMA) thermoresponsive hydrogels : an alternative approach for muscle cell sheet engineering 1-gen-2017 C. VillaF. MartelloS. ErraticoA. TocchioC. LenardiY. Torrente + Article (author) -
P-170 glycoprotein (MDR) and p53 expression in breast cancer 1-gen-1998 Curigliano, Giuseppe + Article (author) -
P-31 NMR-studies on the interaction of morpholinyl anthracyclines and related compounds with d(CGTACG)2. Thermodynamic and kinetic parameters 1-gen-1994 S. MazziniR. MondelliE. Ragg + Article (author) -
P-31 Presence, viral load and sequence analysis of JC virus in the urine of Italian healthy subjects 1-gen-2005 E. BorghiP. Ferrante + Article (author) -
p-adic families of cohomological modular forms for indefinite quaternion algebras and the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence 1-gen-2016 M.A. Seveso + Article (author) -
p-adic families of modular forms and p-adic Abel-Jacobi maps 1-ago-2016 M.A. Seveso + Article (author) -
p-adic families of Siegel modular cuspforms 1-gen-2015 F. Andreatta + Article (author) -
p-adic heights and p-adic L-functions 1-gen-1995 M. Bertolini Article (author) -
p-adic L-functions and Euler systems : a tale in two trilogies 1-gen-2014 M. Bertolini + Book Part (author) -
p-adic L-functions and the rationality of Darmon cycles 1-gen-2012 M.A. Seveso Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 182.876 a 182.895 di 269.826
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