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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Magnetic resonance imaging visualization of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques at the brachiocephalic artery of apolipoprotein E knockout mice by the blood-pool contrast agent B22956/1 1-gen-2014 C. ParoliniM. BusnelliG.S. GanzettiF. DelleraS. ManziniE. ScanzianiC.R. SirtoriG. Chiesa + Article (author) -
Malignant phenotype of renal cell carcinoma cells is switched by Ukrain administration in vitro 1-gen-2011 N. GaglianoL. PettinariM. AureliC. MartinelliG. ColomboA. MilzaniI. Dalle DonneM. Gioia + Article (author) -
Mapping local mechanical properties of human healthy and osteoporotic femoral heads 1-dic-2021 Savadori P.Galluzzo A. + Article (author) -
Matrix metalloproteinases activity and sparc expression are targeted by ukrain administration in renal cell carcinoma 1-feb-2010 L. PettinariM. GioiaN. Gagliano + Conference Object -
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation using a nano-crystalline hydroxyapatite silica gel : case series and 3-month preliminary histological results 20-mar-2012 C. Dellavia + Article (author) -
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation with vegetal hydroxyapatite “versus” demineralized bovine bone : a randomized clinical study with a split-mouth design 1-lug-2014 E. CancianiC. Dellavia + Article (author) -
Mechanical cues, E-cadherin expression and cell sociality are crucial crossroads in determining pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells behavior 13-apr-2022 Bianchi FSommariva MCornaghi LBDenti LArnaboldi FMoscheni CGagliano N. + Article (author) -
Mechanisms of hyperprogressive disease after immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy: what we (don’t) know 9-nov-2020 Camelliti, SimoneLe Noci, ValentinoBianchi, FrancescaMoscheni, ClaudiaArnaboldi, FrancescaGagliano, NicolettaBalsari, AndreaSfondrini, LuciaSommariva, Michele + Article (author) -
Megaesophagus in an asthmatic patient and beta2 stimulant treatment by inhalation 1-apr-2004 G. StabelliniN. GaglianoC. Moscheni + Article (author) -
Mesoangioblast stem cells ameliorate muscle function in dystrophic dogs 1-gen-2006 Y. TORRENTEG. COSSU + Article (author) -
Metabotropic GABA-B receptor and pain : new insights from GABA-B1 knock-out mice 1-gen-2008 V. MagnaghiM. BallabioP. ProcacciM. Motta + Article (author) -
Methods for cancer stem cell detection and isolation 1-gen-2012 Paino, Francesca + Book Part (author) -
Methods for the Identification, Characterization and Banking of Human DPSCs : Current Strategies and Perspectives 1-gen-2011 Paino, Francesca + Article (author) -
Microbiota composition affects lipid metabolism and intestinal homeostasis 1-dic-2016 M. BusnelliS. ManziniG. Chiesa + Article (author) -
miR669a and miR669q prevent skeletal muscle differentiation in postnatal cardiac progenitors 27-giu-2011 M. CassanoG. MessinaG. Cossu + Article (author) -
The missing segment of the autopod 1st ray: new insights from a morphometric study of the human hand 1-dic-2018 Sibilia, ValeriaCasati, Lavinia + Article (author) -
Mitochondria in perineuronal satellite cell sheaths of rabbit spinal ganglia : quantitative changes during life 1-gen-2007 C. MartinelliP. SartoriM. LeddaE. Pannese Article (author) -
Mitochondria of sensory neurons: changes during lifetime 1-gen-2005 C. MartinelliP. SartoriL. AltieriM. Ledda Article (author) -
Modificazioni delle giunzioni gap fra le cellule satelliti dei gangli spinali di topo nel corso dell'invecchiamento 1-gen-2007 S.C. DE PALO Doctoral Thesis -
Modificazioni quantitative dei mitocondri delle cellule satellite dei gangli spinali nel corso dell’invecchiamento 1-gen-2003 P. SartoriC. MartinelliM. LeddaE. Pannese Article (author) -
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