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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
The E-LCA as a tool to quantify the environmental impact of meat and legumes-based burgers 1-set-2019 Alessio TugnoloRoberto BeghiValentina GiovenzanaAndrea CassonIlaria FiorindoRiccardo Guidetti Conference Object -
Earthworm as an alternative protein source in poultry and fish farming : Current applications and future perspectives 10-set-2020 Parolini M.Ganzaroli A.Bacenetti J. Article (author) -
Earthworms for feed production from vegetable waste: environmental impact assessment 1-ott-2019 Cecilia ContiJacopo BacenettiDoriana Tedesco Article (author) -
Eco-efficiency assessment of farm-scaled biogas plants 1-ago-2017 J. Bacenetti + Article (author) -
Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment of Renewable Energy from Biomass 1-lug-2020 Bacenetti Jacopo Article (author) -
Economic and environmental performances of foresty mechanization: an innovative approach 1-mag-2021 L. NoniniD. CavicchioliM. Fiala Conference Object -
Economic performances of anaerobic digestion plants: effect of maize silage energy density at increasing transport distances 1-set-2015 J. BacenettiM. NegriD. LovarelliM. Fiala + Article (author) -
Economic, energetic and environmental impact in short rotation coppice harvesting operations 1-lug-2012 M. FialaJ. Bacenetti Article (author) -
Editorial overview : Water–energy–food nexus 1-feb-2020 Bacenetti J. Article (author) -
The effect of anaerobic digestion and storage on indicator microorganisms in swine and dairy manure 1-nov-2017 A. CostaC. GusmaraD. GardoniM. ZaninelliF. TamboneV. SalaM. Guarino Article (author) -
Effect of automatic cluster removal on parlor performance and unit cost of milking in dairy goats 1-gen-2007 F.M. TangorraM. Zaninelli Book Part (author) -
Effect of bat systems on dust concentration and emissions in poultry and swine buildings 1-gen-2014 A. Costa Book Part (author) -
Effect of biosecurity procedures on dust levels in pig farms 1-mag-2018 Costa AnnamariaF. M. TangorraS. NavaM. Lazzari Book Part (author) -
Effect of local conditions and machinery characteristics on the environmental impacts of primary soil tillage 1-gen-2017 D. LovarelliJ. BacenettiM. Fiala Article (author) -
Effect of robotic and conventional milking on milk yield and milk composition of primiparous cows 1-gen-2005 F.M. TangorraM. Zaninelli Book Part (author) -
Effect of the use of milking routine on somatic cells count 1-gen-2005 F.M. TangorraM. ZaninelliA. Guidobono CavalchiniG. PisoniG. GnemmiP. Moroni Book Part (author) -
Effects of automatic cluster removal on dairy goats milking 1-gen-2008 F.M. TangorraM. ZaninelliG. CigalinoG. Savoini Article (author) -
Effects of feeding frequency and environmental conditions on dry matter intake, milk yield and behaviour of dairy cows milked in conventional or automatic milking systems 1-lug-2012 L. BavaA. TamburiniC. PenatiE. RivaG. MattachiniG. ProvoloA. Sandrucci Article (author) -
Effects of pulsation type (alternate and simultaneous) on mechanical milking of dairy goats (I) : A study in Alpine goats varying the system vacuum level 1-nov-2016 F.M. TangorraGUIDOBONO CAVALCHINI, ANTONIOTTO + Article (author) -
Effects of TiO2 based photocatalytic paint on concentrations and emissions of pollutants and on animal performance in a swine weaning unit 1-apr-2012 A. CostaG.L. ChiarelloE. SelliM. Guarino Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 316 a 335 di 1.386
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