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Versatile roles of Arabidopsis plastid ribosomal proteins in plant growth and development 1-dic-2012 L. TadiniS. MasieroM. KaterP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
Thylakoid redox signals are integrated into organellar-gene-expression-dependent retrograde signaling in the prors1-1 mutant 27-dic-2012 L. TadiniP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
Arabidopsis plants lacking PsbQ and PsbR subunits of the oxygen-evolving complex show altered PSII super-complex organization and short-term adaptive mechanisms 1-gen-2013 ROSSI, FABIOM.M. KaterL. TadiniP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
The PHOTOSYNTHESIS AFFECTED MUTANT68–LIKE Protein Evolved from a PSII Assembly Factor to Mediate Assembly of the Chloroplast NAD(P)H Dehydrogenase Complex in Arabidopsis 1-ott-2013 L. Tadini + Article (author) -
A member of the arabidopsis mitochondrial transcription termination factor family is required for maturation of chloroplast transfer RNAIle(GAU) 1-gen-2015 L. Tadini + Article (author) -
Thylakoid-bound FtsH proteins facilitate proper biosynthesis of photosystem I 1-gen-2016 L. Tadini + Article (author) -
PGR5-PGRL1-dependent cyclic electron transport modulates linear electron transport rate in Arabidopsis thaliana 1-feb-2016 F. RossiL. TadiniM.M. KaterP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
Gun1 controls accumulation of the plastid ribosomal protein S1 at the protein level and interacts with proteins involved in plastid protein homeostasis 1-mar-2016 L. TadiniP. PesaresiF. RossiS. Masiero + Article (author) -
Photosynthesis Control : an underrated short-term regulatory mechanism essential for plant viability 2-apr-2016 M. ColomboF. RossiR. FerrariL. TadiniP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
GUN1, a Jack-Of-All-Trades in Chloroplast Protein Homeostasis and Signaling 22-set-2016 L. TadiniC. PeracchioR. FerrariP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
CRP1 Protein : (dis)similarities between Arabidopsis thaliana and Zea mays 15-feb-2017 R. FerrariL. TadiniA. CostaF. RossiS. MasieroP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
GUN1, a jack-of-all-trades in chloroplast protein homeostasis and chloroplast biogenesis 14-giu-2017 Tadini LucaPERACCHIO, CARLOTTAForlani SaraMAFFI, DARIOFaoro FrancoPesaresi Paolo + Conference Object -
Improved Drought Stress Response in Alfalfa Plants Nodulated by an IAA Over-producing Rhizobium Strain 14-dic-2017 L. TadiniP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
The DEAD-box RNA helicase RH50 is a 23S-4.5S rRNA maturation factor that functionally overlaps with the plastid signaling factor GUN1 1-gen-2018 L. TadiniR. FerrariP.A. MorandiniP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
Trans-splicing of plastid rps12 transcripts, mediated by AtPPR4, is essential for embryo patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana 1-lug-2018 L. TadiniR. FerrariC. MizzottiF. ResentiniM. ColomboA. CostaS. MasieroP. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
Time-course transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis siliques discloses genes essential for fruit development and maturation 1-nov-2018 C MizzottiL RotaspertiL TadiniF ResentiniB GallianiM GalbiatiP PesaresiS Masiero + Article (author) -
GUN1 influences the accumulation of NEP-dependent transcripts and chloroplast protein import in Arabidopsis cotyledons upon perturbation of chloroplast protein homeostasis 1-gen-2019 Tadini L.Peracchio C.Jeran N.Faoro F.Pesaresi P. + Article (author) -
PEPTIDES WITH FUNGICIDAL ACTIVITY, THEIR COMPOSITIONS AND RELATED USES IN AGRONOMIC FIELD 20-giu-2019 Paolo PesaresiSimona MasieroMizzotti ChiaraLuca TadiniSara Pellegrino + Patent -
BPC transcription factors and a Polycomb Group protein confine the expression of the ovule identity gene SEEDSTICK in Arabidodpsis 6-gen-2020 Rosanna PetrellaFrancesca CaselliIrma Roig-VillanovaMatteo ChiaraIgnacio EzquerLuca TadiniMartin KaterVeronica Gregis + Article (author) -
Higher order photoprotection mutants reveal the importance of ΔpH-dependent photosynthesis-control in preventing light induced damage to both photosystem II and photosystem I 21-apr-2020 Tadini, LucaPeracchio, CarlottaJeran, NicolajPesaresi, Paolo + Article (author) -
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