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Factors Affecting Calving Interval in Italian Holstein-Friesian Heifers 1-gen-1989 Pedron O.Tedesco D.Rizzi R. + Article (author) -
Rumen degradation of straw. 10. Consistency of differences in nutritive value between varieties of cereal straws 1-gen-1990 Tedesco D. + Article (author) -
Effect of addition of enzymes to the diet on utilization of protein and energy by rabbits 1-gen-1997 C.M. CastrovilliD. TedescoF. Luzi + Article (author) -
Effetto dell'inclusione di livelli crescenti di vitamina E in diete per conigli in accrescimento 1-gen-1997 D. TEDESCOA. BALDID. CATTANEOV. PERI + Book Part (author) -
Intestinal Nutrient-Gene Interaction: The Effect of Feed Deprivation and Refeeding on Cholecystokihin and Proglucagon Gene Expression 1-gen-1998 Tedesco D. + Article (author) -
Plasminogen activation system in milk from Friesian and Jersey cows: relationships with milk production and composition 1-gen-2001 O. PedronD. TedescoA. Baldi + Article (author) -
Silymarin administration to periparturient dairy goats : effects on milk production and quality 1-gen-2004 D. TedescoS. GallettiJ.G. Turini + Article (author) -
Silymarin administration to transition dairy goats : effect on liver tissue and plasma metabolites 1-gen-2004 D. TedescoS. Galletti + Article (author) -
Effects of silymarin, a natural hepatoprotector, in periparturient dairy cows 1-gen-2004 D. TedescoS. GallettiA. CostaS. Steidler + Article (author) -
Silymarin, a possible hepatoprotector in dairy cows : biochemical and histological observations 1-gen-2004 D. TedescoC. Domeneghini + Article (author) -
Efficacy of silymarin-phospholipid complex in reducing the toxicity of aflatoxin B1 in broilers chicks 1-gen-2004 D. TedescoS. SteidlerS. GallettiO. Sonzogni + Article (author) -
Influence of herbal feed additives on intestinal microflora of weanling piglets 1-gen-2005 S. GallettiS. StellaD. Tedesco Book Part (author) -
Study on the assessment of plant/herb extracts and their naturally or synthetically produced components as "additives" for use in animal production 1-gen-2005 D. Tedesco + Book (author) -
Plants and their extracts to improve animal wellbeing: from a traditional use to new feed additives for livestock production 1-gen-2005 D. TedescoS. GallettiS. Stella + Book Part (author) -
Effect of Silymarin on plasma and milk redox status in lactating goats 1-gen-2005 S. GallettiD. Tedesco + Book Part (author) -
Dietary tea catechins and lycopene : effect on meat lipid oxidation 1-gen-2005 D. TedescoS. Galletti + Book Part (author) -
Effects of Silymarin administration to middle-lactating dairy goats 1-gen-2005 D. TedescoJ.G. TuriniS. Galletti Book Part (author) -
Progetto CEE: SAFEWASTES (Contract no.513949). Evaluating physiological and environmental consequences of using organic wastes after technological processing in diets for livestock and humans. Workpackage leader del gruppo “determinazioni in vitro” (WP3) 1-gen-2005 TEDESCO, DORIANA EUROSIA ANGELA Activity -
Silymarin, a safe natural product to improve animal health and milk production 1-gen-2005 D. Tedesco Book Part (author) -
Progetto CEE FEED–SEG (Contract no.43077) nell’ambito del SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME - PRIORITY 5, Food Quality and Safety. Healthy Feed for Safety. Dissemination of research results of EC funded research on feed quality. Workpackage leader 1-gen-2006 TEDESCO, DORIANA EUROSIA ANGELA Activity -
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