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Differential effects of three herbal feed additives on growth and gut microbiota of weanling piglets 1-gen-2006 D. TedescoS. GallettiS. Stella Article (author) -
Effects of dietary antioxidant plant extracts on udder health and milk quality 1-gen-2006 D. TedescoS. GallettiM. MaccalliV. Bronzo Article (author) -
In vitro methods to evaluate the effects of plant waste products on rumen and gut microflora 1-gen-2007 D. TedescoS. StellaD. CattaneoL. GaravagliaC. Barbieri Article (author) -
Effects of silymarin and other natural extracts in veterinary medicine 1-gen-2007 D. Tedesco Working Paper -
SAFEWASTES by–products and functional effects on gut colonic microbiota epithelia-associated 1-gen-2007 D. TedescoS. StellaL. GaravagliaC. Barbieri Book Part (author) -
Effects of waste products from plant materials on in vitro rumen fermentation 1-gen-2007 D. TedescoS. StellaL. GaravagliaC. BarbieriS. Galletti Book Part (author) -
Evaluation of antimicrobial effects on monogastric gut microflora by plant waste products 1-gen-2007 S. StellaD. TedescoBARBIERI, CHIARAL. GaravagliaD. Cattaneo Article (author) -
In vitro screening of plant materials as anti-adhesive agents against E-coli K88 1-gen-2007 S. GallettiD. Tedesco + Article (author) -
Study on the assessment of plants/herbs, plant/herb extracts and their naturally or synthetically produced components as ‘additives’ for use in animal production 1-gen-2007 D. Tedesco + Article (author) -
SAFEWASTES by-products : in vitro effects on piglet gut flora 1-gen-2007 S. StellaD. TedescoD. CattaneoL. GaravagliaC. Barbieri Article (author) -
Effect of extracts of carrot waste on gut microflora 1-ago-2007 S. StellaD. Tedesco Article (author) -
Food quality and public health : an actual problem 1-gen-2008 D. TedescoC. Balzaretti Conference Object -
Aflatoxin contamination risk : bioactive natural compounds for animal health and healthy food 1-gen-2008 D. TedescoC. BarbieriLUGANO, STEFANOL. Garavaglia Book Part (author) -
effetc of mangifera indica peel extracts on Staphylococcus aureus mammary infections 1-gen-2009 S. StellaD. Tedesco Article (author) -
Effect of dietary plant antioxidant on milk fatty acid oxidation 1-gen-2009 D. TedescoL. GaravagliaL.M. Chiesa Article (author) -
Plant organic wastes as potential feed additives in ruminants 1-gen-2010 D. Tedesco Conference Object -
Aflatoxin exposure : silymarin effects to improve animal health and food safety 1-gen-2010 D. Tedesco Conference Object -
Olive by-products as feed additives : in vitro evaluation on rumen fermentation parameters 9-set-2011 D.E.A. TedescoL. Garavaglia Book Part (author) -
Herbs and their valued waste in animal diet to provide milk for human health 10-set-2011 D.E.A. TedescoL. Garavaglia Conference Object -
Alimenti funzionali in alimentazione animale 20-apr-2012 D.E.A. Tedesco Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 73
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