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The protein stability and transcriptional activity of p63α are regulated by SUMO-1 conjugation 1-gen-2005 P. GhioniY. D'AlessandraL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Cross-talks in the p53 family: deltaNp63 is an anti-apoptotic target for deltaNp73alpha and p53 gain-of-function mutants 1-set-2006 Y. D’AlessandraL.F. Guerrini + Article (author) -
MicroRNA-210 modulates endothelial cell response to hypoxia and inhibits the receptor tyrosine kinase ligand Ephrin-A3 6-giu-2008 Y. D'AlessandraG. Pompilio + Article (author) -
MDM2 and Fbw7 cooperate to induce p63 protein degradation following DNA damage and cell differentiation 15-lug-2010 F. GalliY. D'AlessandraM. De SimoneT. LopardoL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Letter by D'Alessandra et al regarding article, Circulating microRNA-208b and microRNA-499 reflect myocardial damage in cardiovascular disease 1-feb-2011 D'Alessandra YPompilio G + Article (author) -
Diagnostic potential of plasmatic microRNA signatures in stable and unstable angina 15-nov-2013 Y. D'AlessandraF. MartinelliP. DevannaM. RubinoG. Pompilio + Article (author) -
The Growing Culture Of A Minimally Fluoroscopic Approach In Electrophysiology Lab 1-gen-2014 F. PizzamiglioD. ColomboY. D. AlessandraF. TundoM. ZucchettiB. MajocchiA. NataleC. Tondo + Article (author) -
MicroRNAs: promising biomarkers and therapeutic targets of acute myocardial ischemia 1-gen-2015 Y. D’AlessandraG. Pompilio + Article (author) -
MiR-320a as a Potential Novel Circulating Biomarker of Arrhythmogenic CardioMyopathy 1-lug-2017 Y. D'AlessandraCATTANEO, FABIO VITTORIOSTADIOTTI, ILARIARIGGIO, DANIELAA.F. BarbutiG. VernilloG.I. ColomboG. PompilioC. Tondo + Article (author) -
Doxorubicin upregulates CXCR4 via miR-200c/ZEB1-dependent mechanism in human cardiac mesenchymal progenitor cells 24-ago-2017 Y. D'AlessandraG. SpaltroG. PompilioE. Gambini + Article (author) -
Does fluoroscopy induce DNA oxidative damage in patients undergoing catheter ablation? 20-apr-2018 L. TurnuB. PorroV. AlfieriA. Di MinnoC. TondoY. D'AlessandraV. CavalcaE. TremoliG.I. Colombo + Article (author) -
A Specific Circulating MicroRNA Cluster Is Associated to Late Differential Cardiac Response to Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity In Vivo 9-dic-2018 Castiglioni, LauraSironi, LuigiPompilio, GiulioD'Alessandra, Yuri + Article (author) -
Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy: what blood can reveal? 1-gen-2019 Stadiotti, IlariaPompilio, GiulioPilato, Chiara AssuntaD'Alessandra, Yuri + Article (author) -
Plasmatic and chamber-specific modulation of cardiac microRNAs in an acute model of DOX-induced cardiotoxicity 1-feb-2019 VAVASSORI, CHIARACastiglioni, LauraSironi, LuigiPompilio, GiulioD'Alessandra, Yuri + Article (author) -
Circulating MicroRNAs as Potential Predictors of Anthracycline-Induced Troponin Elevation in Breast Cancer Patients: Diverging Effects of Doxorubicin and Epirubicin 11-mag-2020 Cardinale, Daniela MariaVavassori, ChiaraPompilio, GiulioD'Alessandra, Yuri + Article (author) -
Differential role of circulating micrornas to track progression and pre-symptomatic stage of chronic heart failure: A pilot study 11-dic-2020 D'alessandra Y.Carena M. C.Pompilio G. + Article (author) -
Diabetes induces a transcriptional signature in bone marrow– derived CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells predictive of their progeny dysfunction 31-gen-2021 D'alessandra Y.Pompilio G. + Article (author) -
Presence of sars-cov-2 nucleoprotein in cardiac tissues of donors with negative covid-19 molecular tests 20-apr-2021 Perrucci G. L.Songia P.D'alessandra Y.Pompilio G.Polvani G.Guarino A. + Article (author) -
Evaluation of oxford nanopore minion rna-seq performance for human primary cells 1-giu-2021 Songia P.Moschetta D.Alfieri V.D'alessandra Y. + Article (author) -
Purinergic Receptor P2Y2 Stimulation Averts Aortic Valve Interstitial Cell Calcification and Myofibroblastic Activation 16-feb-2022 Moschetta D.Songia P.D'alessandra Y. + Article (author) -
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