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An invasive plant species enhances biodiversity in overgrazed pastures but inhibits its recovery in protected areas 17-ago-2020 Losapio, Gianalberto + Article (author) -
Monitoring and modelling the effects of ecosystem engineers on ecosystem functioning 22-gen-2022 Losapio, Gianalberto + Article (author) -
Dysregulation of splicing-related proteins in prostate cancer is controlled by FOXA1 31-dic-2018 Matteo Cereda + Article (author) -
Molecular Evidence for SARS-CoV-2 in Samples Collected From Patients With Morbilliform Eruptions Since Late Summer 2019 in Lombardy, Northern Italy 6-ago-2021 Amendola, AntonellaCanuti, MartaBianchi, SilviaFappani, ClaraGori, MariaColzani, DanielaBorghi, ElisaZuccotti, Gian VincenzoRaviglione, Mario C.Tanzi, Elisabetta + Article (author) -
Non-negative Ricci curvature and minimal graphs with linear growth 18-dic-2021 Giulio ColomboLuciano MariMarco Rigoli + Article (author) -
Ingroup Bias and Social Identification 21-dic-2021 Daniela Grieco Article (author) -
A Sentiment Analysis Approach to the Prediction of Market Volatility 10-dic-2020 Alessandro Provetti + Article (author) -
DNA damage response at telomeres boosts the transcription of SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 during aging 9-giu-2021 Francesca RossielloFabio IannelliAlessia di Lillo + Article (author) -
BCL11A intellectual developmental disorder: defining the clinical spectrum and genotype-phenotype correlations 1-gen-2021 Angela Peron + Article (author) -
Hypervariable-Locus Melting Typing (HLMT): a novel, fast and inexpensive sequencing-free approach to pathogen typing based on High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis 8-nov-2021 Matteo PeriniSimona PanelliStella PapaleoAlessandro AlvaroGian Vincenzo ZuccottiFrancesco Comandatore + Article (author) -
Boosting innate immunity: Asaia bacteria expressing a protein from Wolbachia determine macrophage activation and killing of Leishmania 7-lug-2020 ILARIA VAROTTO-BOCCAZZISARA EPISIRENE ARNOLDIYOLANDA CORBETTPAOLO GABRIELIMOIRA PARONIRICCARDO NODARINICOLETTA BASILICOClaudio Bandi + Article (author) -
Xenon doping of Liquid Argon in ProtoDUNE Single Phase 30-ott-2021 Niccolò Gallice Article (author) -
Characteristics of 1,573 healthcare workers who underwent nasopharyngeal swab for SARS-CoV-2 in Milano, Lombardy, Italy 11-mag-2020 Andrea LombardiMichele CarugnoGiorgio BozziDavide MangioniValeria CastelliEmanuele PalombaAngela Cecilia PesatoriAlessandra BanderaAndrea Gori + Article (author) -
Predicting clinical outcomes in the Machine Learning era: The Piacenza score a purely data driven approach for mortality prediction in COVID-19 Pneumonia 20-mar-2021 Agostoni, P.Salvioni, E.Mapelli, M. + Article (author) -
Targeting mononuclear phagocytes for eradicating intracellular parasites 1-gen-2017 Rizzello, LorisPoma, AlessandroBattaglia, Giuseppe + Article (author) -
On the existence of canonical multi-phase Brakke flows 29-set-2021 S. Stuvard + Article (author) -
Targeting activated macrophages intracellular milieu to augment anti-inflammatory drug potency 22-giu-2021 Rizzello, LorisPoma, AlessandroScarpa, EdoardoBattaglia, Giuseppe + Article (author) -
Searching for Solar KDAR with DUNE 19-lug-2021 F. FerraroN. GalliceM. LazzaroniS. Riboldi + Article (author) -
Design, construction and operation of the ProtoDUNE-SP Liquid Argon TPC 4-ago-2021 F. FerraroN. GalliceM. LazzaroniS. Riboldi + Article (author) -
Low exposure long-baseline neutrino oscillation sensitivity of the DUNE experiment 3-set-2021