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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
R - Rete/Internet 2012 Paradiso M + Book Part (author) -
An R package for fitting age, period and cohort models 2014 A. DecarliC. La VecchiaM. Malvezzi + Article (author) -
An R package for the simulation of correlated discrete variables 2016 A. BarbieroP.A. Ferrari Article (author) -
R versus D, from knowledge creation to value appropriation: Ownership of patents filed by European biotechnology founders 2021 Marcellusi A + Article (author) -
R&D and market size : Who benefits from orphan drug legislation? 2021 Gamba S. + Article (author) -
R&D inter-firm agreements in Developing countries : Wwere? Why? How? 1998 G. Barba Navaretti + Book Part (author) -
R&D investments, financing constraints, exporting and productivity 2016 Gamba S. + Article (author) -
R&D progress on the SuperB silicon vertex tracker 2011 V. LiberaliN. NeriF. PalomboA. Stabile + Article (author) -
R&D, Imperfect Competition and Growth with Human Capital Accumulation 2003 A. Bucci Article (author) -
R&S, ICT e lavoro qualificato nelle imprese manifatturiere italiane 2005 M. Bratti + Book Part (author) -
R( − )pantoyllactone-β-?-glucopyranoside : characterization of a metabolite from rice seedlings 1995 E.RaggL. Scaglioni + Article (author) -
R(-)-O-desmethylangolensin is the main enantiomeric form of daidzein metabolite produced by human in vitro and in vivo 2014 C. GardanaE. CanziP. Simonetti Article (author) -
An (R)-Selective Transaminase From Thermomyces stellatus: Stabilizing the Tetrameric Form 2020 Gourlay L. J. + Article (author) -
The (r)evolution of gene regulatory networks controlling Arabidopsis plant reproduction : a two-decade history 2014 M.A. MendesL. Colombo + Article (author) -
R-chop vs R-mini ceop in elderly patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma : an interim report from intergruppo italiano linfomi (IIL) 2005 L. Baldini + Article (author) -
R-chop vs R-mini-chop in elderly patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (B-DLCL) prospectively selected by a multidimensional evalutation scale : preliminary results of a randomized study pc performed by intergruppo italiano linfomi (IIL) 2007 L. Baldini + Article (author) -
R-Loops in Motor Neuron Diseases 2018 Taiana, MichelaBresolin, NereoComi, Giacomo P.Corti, Stefania + Article (author) -
R-matrix theory, formal Casimirs and the periodic Toda lattice 1996 L. Pizzocchero + Article (author) -
R-spondin1 and FOXL2 act into two distinct cellular types during goat ovarian differentiation 2008 P. Parma + Article (author) -
R-spondin1 is essential in sex determination, skin differentiation and malignancy 2006 P. Parma + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 220.997 a 221.016 di 288.542
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