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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Osteoblast-osteocyte transformation : a SEM densitometric analysis of endosteal apposition in rabbit femur 1-feb-2014 V. Sibilia + Article (author) -
An osteological revisitation of autopsies : comparing anthropological findings on exhumed skeletons to their respective autopsy reports in seven cases 16-set-2014 A. CappellaE. CastoldiC. SforzaC. Cattaneo Article (author) -
An osteometric and 3D analysis of the atlanto-occipital joint: An initial screening method to exclude crania and atlases in commingled remains 1-gen-2021 Annalisa CappellaDaniele GibelliDebora MazzarelliMatteo ZagoClaudia DolciChiarella SforzaCristina Cattaneo + Article (author) -
Osteonectin, and extracellular matrix turnover in primary gingival fibroblasts treated with cyclosporin A (CYA) and tacrolimus (FK506) 1-giu-2005 N. GaglianoC. MoscheniC. DellaviaC. TorriG. StabelliniM. Gioia + Article (author) -
An over-oxidized form of superoxide dismutase found in sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with bulbar onset shares a toxic mechanism with mutant SOD1 1-gen-2012 E. Donetti + Article (author) -
Oxidative stress and inflammatory reaction modulation by white wine 1-mag-2002 A.A.E. Bertelli + Article (author) -
Oxygen uptake and growth in adolescents 1-gen-2002 M. TurciN. LovecchioC. Sforza + Book Part (author) -
Palatal development between 3-6 years of age 1-gen-2005 V. CiusaV.F. Ferrario + Article (author) -
Palatal size and shape in 6-year olds affected by hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia 1-nov-2006 C.P.B. DellaviaC. SforzaL. StrohmengerV.F. Ferrario + Article (author) -
Palatal Volume Changes in Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Paediatric Patients 1-gen-2015 V. PucciarelliL. PisoniM. DE MENEZESM. CodariC. Sforza + Book Part (author) -
Palate morphology of bruxist children with mixed dentition: a pilot study 1-gen-2008 C. SforzaA. ColomboV.F. Ferrario + Article (author) -
Pancreatic cancer cells retain the epithelial-related phenotype and modify mitotic spindle microtubules after the administration of ukrain in vitro 1-gen-2012 N. GaglianoM. ClericiI. BarajonN. PortinaroG. ColomboA. MilzaniI. Dalle DonneC. Martinelli + Article (author) -
Pareti del tronco. In: Prometheus Anatomia Generale e Apparato Locomotore (Testo Atlante di Anatomia). Edizione italiana a cura di Eugenio Gaudio. 1-gen-2014 A. MontaruliM.C. Turci + Book Part (author) -
Parkin absence accelerates microtubule aging in dopaminergic neurons 1-gen-2018 Cartelli, DanieleAmadeo, AlidaCalogero, Alessandra MariaDe Gregorio, CarmelitaGioria, MariarosaCappelletti, Graziella + Article (author) -
Parkin absence impacts microtubule stability and axonal transport in knockout mice 1-mag-2011 D. CartelliA. AmadeoG. Cappelletti + Conference Object -
The Parkinson’s Disease-Linked Protein DJ-1 Associates with Cytoplasmic mRNP Granules During Stress and Neurodegeneration 19-apr-2018 Borsello, Tiziana + Article (author) -
Parry Romberg Syndrome and linear facial scleroderma : management in pediatric population 1-giu-2017 V. PucciarelliG.A. BeltraminiC. SforzaA.B. GiannìA. Baj + Article (author) -
Parvalbumin and GABA in the developing somatosensory thalamus of the rat: an immunocytochemical ultrastructural correlation 1-gen-2001 Alida Amadeo + Article (author) -
Patient perception of musculoskeletal MR : A survey research 6-gen-2020 Gibelli, Daniele + Article (author) -
Patients with myogenic temporomandibular disorders have reduced oxygen extraction in the masseter muscle 1-gen-2017 G. BellistriC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1.325 a 1.344 di 1.925
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