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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Q fever seroprevalence and risk factors in sheep and goats in northwest Italy 2016 BORROMEO, VITALIANOC. Luzzago + Article (author) -
q value and parent energy optimization using a low-voltage ionization approach increases resolution in linear ion trap mass spectrometry 2022 Falletta, ErmelindaMalvandi, Amir MohammadConti, MatteoCristoni, Simone + Article (author) -
The Q(y) absorption transition of the light harvesting complex II as determined by structure based analysis of chlorophyll nmacrocycle deforemations 2012 R.C. Jennings + Article (author) -
q-AQUA: A Many-Body CCSD(T) Water Potential, Including Four-Body Interactions, Demonstrates the Quantum Nature of Water from Clusters to the Liquid Phase 2022 Conte, Riccardo + Article (author) -
Q-band antenna-feed system for the Large Scale Polarization Explorer balloon experiment 2015 Virone G.Del Torto F.Franceschet C.Villa F.Mennella A.Bersanelli M.Addamo G.Battaglia P.Cavaliere F.Gregorio A. + Book Part (author) -
Q-band polarizers for the LSPE-Strip correlation radiometric instrument 2022 Franceschet, C.Bersanelli, M.Mennella, A. + Article (author) -
q-Deformed Loewner Evolution 2013 M. GherardiA. Nigro Article (author) -
The Q-RES Project: The Quality of Social and Ethical Responsibility of Corporations 2003 L. Sacconi + Book Part (author) -
QAF Quoziente autostima famigliare: Accrescere e potenziare l'autostima giocando insieme in famiglia 2011 A. Pellai + Book (author) -
Qantara alladhi kafara, Awwal riwayyah kàmila bi-al-lahja al-misriyya 2011 F. De Angelis Conference Object -
Qara’a ‘alayya hādhā l-kitāb: considerazioni codicologiche sulla produzione e prima fruizione degli scritti di Ibn ‘Arabī 2018 Marco Aurelio Golfetto Conference Object -
Qatna’s lake: a Geoarchaeological Study of the Bronze age Capital. 2007 M. Cremaschi Book Part (author) -
QBRIX : a quantile-based approach to retinex 2014 G. GianiniA. Rizzi + Article (author) -
QCD and electroweak corrections to WZ scattering at the LHC 2019 Schwan C. + Article (author) -
QCD corrections to vector boson pair production in gluon fusion including interference effects with off-shell Higgs at the LHC 2016 Röntsch R. + Article (author) -
QCD corrections to W+W- production through gluon fusion 2016 Röntsch R. + Article (author) -
QCD corrections to ZZ production in gluon fusion at the LHC 2015 Röntsch R. + Article (author) -
QCD effective field theories for heavy quarkonium 2006 Nora Brambilla Book Part (author) -
QCD-based charge symmetry breaking interaction and the Okamoto-Nolen-Schiffer anomaly 2024 Roca-Maza, Xavier + Article (author) -
QCD: The Theory of Strong Interactions 2020 Forte, Stefano + Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 217.733 a 217.752 di 286.784
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