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Functional modeling of tyrosinase. Mechanism of phenol ortho-hydroxylation by dinuclear copper complexes 1-gen-1996 M. GullottiL. SantagostiniR. Ugo + Article (author) -
Isolation of the met-derivative intermediate in the catalase-like activity of deoxygenated Octopus vulgaris hemocyanin 1-gen-1998 L. Santagostini + Article (author) -
Functional mimics of copper enzymes. Synthesis and stereochemical properties of the copper(II) complexes of a trinucleating ligand derived from L-histidine 1-gen-1999 L. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
Mechanistic, structural, and spectroscopic studies on the catecholase activity of a dinuclear copper complex by dioxygen 1-gen-1999 M. GullottiL. Santagostini + Article (author) -
Inhibitor binding studies on ascorbate oxidase 1-gen-1999 L. SantagostiniT. Beringhelli + Article (author) -
Reversible dioxygen binding and phenol oxygenation in a tyrosinase model system 1-gen-2000 L. SantagostiniM. Gullotti + Article (author) -
Properties and reactivity of myoglobin reconstituted with chemically modified protohemin complexes 1-gen-2000 M. GullottiL. SantagostiniF. Chillemi + Article (author) -
Covalently modified microperoxidases as heme-peptide models for peroxidases 1-gen-2000 L. Santagostini + Article (author) -
Inhibition of the catecholase activity of biomimetic dinuclear copper complexes by kojic acid 1-gen-2000 L. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
Crystal engineering of mixed-metal Ru-Ag coordination networks by using the trans-[RuCl2(PYZ)(4)] (pyz = pyrazine) building block 1-gen-2002 L. CarlucciG. CianiF. PortaD.M. ProserpioL. Santagostini Article (author) -
Characterization and peroxidase activity of a myoglobin mutant containing a distal arginine 1-gen-2002 L. Santagostini + Article (author) -
Stereoselective catalytic oxidations of biomimetic copper complexes with a chiral trinucleating ligand derived from 1,1-binaphthalene 1-gen-2003 M. GullottiL. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
Synthesis and conformational studies of a chiral octadentate ligand derived from (R)-1,1 '-binaphthyl-2,2 '-diamine and its dinuclear zinc(II) and nickel(II) complexes 1-gen-2003 L. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
Catecholate adducts of binuclear copper complexes modelling the type 3 copper active site - Spectroscopic characterization and relevance to the tyrosinase reaction 1-gen-2003 L. Santagostini + Article (author) -
Structure and reactivity studies on dinuclear copper complexes of the ligand alpha,alpha '-Bis{bis[1-(1 '-methyl-2 '-benzimidazolyl)methyl]amino}-m-xylene 1-gen-2003 M. GullottiL. Santagostini + Article (author) -
Enantio-differentiating catalytic oxidation by a biomimetic trinuclear copper complex containing L-histidine residues 1-gen-2003 L. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
A double arene hydroxylation mediated by dicopper(II)-hydroperoxide species 1-gen-2003 L. SantagostiniM. Gullotti + Article (author) -
Probing the location of the substrate binding site of ascorbate oxidase near type 1 copper: an investigation through spectroscopic, inhibition and docking studies 1-gen-2004 L. SantagostiniM. Gullotti + Article (author) -
Models for Biological Trinuclear Copper Clusters. Characterization and Enantioselective Catalytic Oxidation of Catechols by the Copper(II) Complexes of a Chiral Ligand Derived from (S)-(-)-1,1'-Binaphthyl-2,2'-Diamine 11-giu-2004 MIMMI, MARIA CHIARAM. GullottiL. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
Synthesis and characterization of new chiral octadentate nitrogen ligands and related copper(II) complexes as catalysts for stereoselective oxidation of catechols 1-gen-2005 M. GullottiL. SantagostiniR. Pagliarin + Article (author) -
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