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Pharmacokinetics of prednisone and prednisolone in a case of hypothyroidism: effect of replacement therapy 1-ott-2005 S. BergamaschiR. RusconiM. GervasoniA.E. RigamontiS.G. CellaS.R. Bareggi Article (author) -
Effect of recombinant hGH (rhGH) replacement on gonadal function in male patients with organic adult-onset GH deficiency 1-gen-2006 C. GiavoliE. FerranteF. ErmeticiS. BergamaschiC.L. RonchiA.G. LaniaB. AmbrosiA. SpadaP. Beck-Peccoz Article (author) -
Growth hormone replacement therapy in growth hormone deficient children and adults : effects on hemochrome 1-gen-2006 S. BergamaschiC. GiavoliE. FerranteA. LaniaA.SpadaP.Beck-Peccoz + Article (author) -
Effect of growth hormone deficiency and recombinant hGH (rhGH) replacement on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in children with idiopathic isolated GH deficiency 1-feb-2008 C. GiavoliS. BergamaschiE. FerranteC.L. RonchiA.G. LaniaA. SpadaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
The role of midnight salivary cortisol levels in the diagnosis of subclinical hypercortisolism (SH) in patients with adrenal incidentaloma 1-mag-2008 B. MasseriniS. BergamaschiA.M. BarbieriV. MorelliP. Beck-PeccozI. Chiodini + Article (author) -
Long-term basal and dynamic evaluation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in acromegalic patients 1-ott-2008 C.L. RonchiE. FerranteE. RizzoC. GiavoliE. VerruaS. BergamaschiA.G. LaniaP. Beck PeccozA. Spada Article (author) -
Prevalence of GH deficiency in cured acromegalic patients : impact of different previous treatments 1-gen-2009 C. GiavoliE. FerranteE. VerruaS. BergamaschiD. FerrariS. CorbettaM. ArosioB. AmbrosiA. SpadaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
The limited role of midnight salivary cortisol levels in the diagnosis of subclinical hypercortisolism in patients with adrenal incidentaloma 1-gen-2009 B. MasseriniV. MorelliS. BergamaschiF. ErmeticiC. Eller-VainicherA.M. BarbieriM.A. MaffiniB. AmbrosiP. Beck PeccozI. Chiodini + Article (author) -
Adjustment of levothyroxine substitutive therapy in pregnant women with subclinical, overt or postablative hypothyroidism 1-mag-2009 S. BergamaschiA. M. MarconiP. Beck-Peccoz + Article (author) -
Evaluation of GH-IGF-I axis in adult patients with coeliac disease 1-gen-2010 E. FerranteC. GiavoliS. BergamaschiA. LaniaM.T. BardellaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
Eight-year follow-up of a child with a GH/prolactin-secreting adenoma : efficacy of pegvisomant therapy 1-gen-2010 S. BergamaschiC. GiavoliE. VerruaA. LaniaA. SpadaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
An unusual case of recurrent autoimmune hypophysitis 1-gen-2010 C. GiavoliS. BergamaschiA.G. LaniaA. SpadaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
Influence of the d3GH receptor polymorphism on the metabolic and biochemical phenotype of GH-deficient adults at baseline and during short- and long-term recombinant human GH replacement therapy 1-gen-2010 C. GiavoliS. BergamaschiE. VerruaE. PasseriMONTEFUSCO, LAURAA.G. LaniaS. CorbettaM. ArosioB. AmbrosiA. SpadaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
Is the 250 μg ACTH test a useful tool for the diagnosis of central hypoadrenalism in adult patients with pituitary disorders? 1-ott-2012 E. FerranteV. MorelliC. GiavoliG. MantovaniE. VerruaE. SalaS. BergamaschiE. ProfkaE. CairoliS. PalmieriI. ChiodiniA.G. LaniaA. SpadaP. Beck-Peccoz + Article (author) -
GH replacement improves quality of life and metabolic parameters in cured acromegalic patients with growth hormone deficiency 1-nov-2012 C. GiavoliE. ProfkaE. VerruaC. RonchiE. FerranteS. BergamaschiE. SalaE. MalchiodiA.G. LaniaM. ArosioB. AmbrosiA. SpadaP. Beck-Peccoz Article (author) -
A new structural rearrangement associated to Wolfram syndrome in a child with a partial phenotype 1-nov-2012 F.M. ElliC. GiavoliL. DioniM. CrippaP. FinelliS. BergamaschiF. MoscaA. SpadaP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
Epicardial fat thickness significantly decreases after short-term growth hormone (GH) replacement therapy in adults with GH deficiency 1-mag-2013 E. FerranteA.E. MalavazosC. GiavoliF. ErmeticiS. BergamaschiE. ProfkaS. BrigantiE. PasseriS. CorbettaA.G. LaniaA. SpadaB. AmbrosiP. Beck Peccoz + Article (author) -
Impact of IGF(CA)19 gene polymorphism on the metabolic response to GH therapy in adult GH-deficient patients 1-feb-2014 C. GiavoliE. ProfkaE. SalaM. FilopantiA.M. BarbieriS. BergamaschiE. FerranteM. ArosioB. AmbrosiA.G. LaniaA. Spada + Article (author) -
Evaluation of pituitary function after infectious meningitis in childhood 6-ott-2014 C. GiavoliC. TagliabueE. ProfkaL. SenatoreS. BergamaschiG. RodariP. Beck-PeccozS. Esposito + Article (author) -
Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser Syndrome and 16p11.2 Recurrent Microdeletion: A Case Report and Review of the Literature 1-ott-2018 Gatti, MartaTolva, GianlucaBergamaschi, SilviaGiavoli, ClaudiaMarchisio, PaolaMilani, Donatella + Article (author) -
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