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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
GABA immunoreactivity in the developing rat thalamus and Otx2 homeoprotein expression in migrating neurons 1-gen-2007 A. Amadeo + Article (author) -
GABergic neurons in the diencephalon and anterior cingulate cortex of the human brain during ageing 1-set-2008 I. GrittiC. MarianiM. MoroniM. NebuloniG. VagoM. Vertemati + Article (author) -
Gait analysis in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review 1-mar-2018 Zago, MatteoSforza, ChiarellaBonardi, Daniela Rita + Article (author) -
Gait Analysis in the Rehabilitation Process 1-gen-2021 Lovecchio, N.Zago, M.Sforza, C. Book Part (author) -
Gait analysis of young male patients diagnosed with primary bladder neck obstruction 1-ago-2017 M. ZagoT.C. CamerotaD. CiprandiC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Gait evaluation using inertial measurement units in subjects with Parkinson’s disease 1-gen-2018 Zago, MatteoSforza, ChiarellaPacifici, Ilaria + Article (author) -
Gait performance in assessing donor-site morbidity following osteocutaneous free fibula transfer : A preliminary study 1-gen-2017 I. PacificiL. PallottaA. BolzoniG. A. BeltraminiM. ZagoC. Sforza Article (author) -
Gender- and age-related changes in three dimensional facial profiles of healthy Northern Sudanese persons 1-gen-2014 C. DolciL. Pisoni + Article (author) -
Gender-genotype interaction lead to an increase of cognitive impairment, locomotor dysfunctions and neurola damage in young and aged female TAU P301L mice model of tauopathy 1-apr-2016 L. BuccarelloA.M. CastaldoG. GrignaschiC. DomeneghiniT. Borsello Conference Object -
Gene expression profile of extracellular matrix of tendons in cerebral palsy 1-lug-2007 N. GaglianoM. GioiaN. Portinaro + Article (author) -
Gene expression, cytoskeletal changes and extracellular matrix synthesis in human osteoblasts treated with cyclosporin A 1-gen-2009 M. VertematiC. DolciG. StabelliniC. MoscheniL. Vizzotto + Article (author) -
The genesis of cerebellar GABAergic neurons : fate potential and specification mechanisms 1-feb-2012 Rolando C. + Article (author) -
Givinostat as metabolic enhancer reverting mitochondrial biogenesis deficit in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 1-ago-2021 Giovarelli M.Zecchini S.Moscheni C.Sartori P.Roux-Biejat P.Napoli A.Perrotta C.Clementi E.De Palma C. + Article (author) -
Glioma-astrocyte interaction modifies the astrocyte phenotype in a co-culture experimental model 1-dic-2009 N. GaglianoF. CostaL. PettinariR. BassiM.E. Gioia + Article (author) -
Glycolysis-induced drug resistance in tumors—A response to danger signals? 1-gen-2021 Rumio C. + Article (author) -
Glycosaminoglycan, collagen, and glycosidase changes in human osteoblasts treated with interleukin 1, and osteodystrophy 1-dic-2007 G. StabelliniC. DolciC. MoscheniG. TartagliaM. Vertemati + Article (author) -
Glycosidases in the plasma membrane of Ceratitis capitata spermatozoa 1-feb-2011 INTRA, JARIM.E. PerottiM.E. Pasini + Article (author) -
GM3 synthase overexpression results in reduced cell motility and caveolin-1 up-regulation in human ovarian carcinoma cells 1-gen-2010 A.E.G. PrinettiM. AureliILLUZZI, GIUDITTAS. PrioniF. ScandroglioN. GaglianoV.L. ChigornoS. Sonnino + Article (author) -
Granule neuron DNA damage following deafferentation in adult rats cerebellar cortex: a lesion model 1-gen-2000 T. Borsello + Article (author) -
Grapes, wines, resveratrol, and heart health 1-dic-2009 A. Bertelli + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 761 a 780 di 1.891
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