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Role of ceramide transfer protein CERT as a regulator of glioma cell proliferation 2009 L. BrioschiP. GiussaniS. Della BellaA. TaddeoR. BassiL. RiboniP. Viani Conference Object -
Ciclosporina e Sirolimus : effetti del trattamento in vitro su progenitori endoteliali di pazienti con Sarcoma di Kaposi classico 2009 E. ColomboS. Della BellaM.L. VillaA. Taddeo + Conference Object -
Cellule dendritiche nell'invecchiamento umano 2009 S. Della BellaS. GiannelliA. TaddeoM. CappellettiE. ColomboM.L. Villa Conference Object -
Human defensins activate monocyte-derived dendritic cells, promote the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and up-regulate the surface expression of CD91 2009 P. PresicceS. GiannelliA. TaddeoM.L. VillaS. Della Bella Article (author) -
Pleiotropism of human herpes virus-8 in Kaposi's Sarcoma : infection of endothelial progenitor cell and altered maturation of B lymphocytes 2009 A. Taddeo Doctoral Thesis -
Human Late-Endothelial Progenitor Cells As Putative Precursors Of Kaposi Sarcoma Spindle Cells: They Support Persistent In Vitro Infection With Human Herpesvirus-8 And Acquire Virus-Induced Morphologic And Functional Features Similar To Spindle Cells 2010 E. ColomboA. TaddeoS.A.M. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Exposure of healthy resting young men to normoxic hypoxia induces rapid reversible reduction of circulating endothelial progenitor cells 2010 A. TaddeoE. ColomboM. CappellettiM. L. VillaS. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Effects of a personalized aerobic training program on serum angiogenic and inflammatory markers in patients with chronic heart failure 2010 A. TaddeoS. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Human herpesvirus-8 in vitro infection of endothelial progenitor cells: effects on cell proliferation, immunophenotype and functions 2010 E. ColomboA. TaddeoM. CappellettiS.A.M. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Ukrain affects pancreas cancer cell phenotype in vitro by targeting MMP-9 and intra-/extracellular SPARC expression 2010 F. CostaL. PettinariA. TaddeoG. ColomboA. MilzaniI. Dalle-DonneN. Gagliano + Article (author) -
Successful bone marrow transplantation reveals the lack of endothelial progenitor cells mobilization in a patient with critical limb ischemia: a case report 2010 A. TaddeoM.L. VillaS.A.M. Della Bella + Article (author) -
The ceramide transfer protein CERT as a regulator of life and death in glioma cells 2010 L. BrioschiP.C. GiussaniS.A.M. Della BellaA. TaddeoE. RiccitelliR. BassiL.P.C.R. RiboniP. Viani Conference Object -
Human herpesvirus-8 infection leads to expansion of the preimmune/natural effector B cell compartment 2010 S. Della BellaA. TaddeoE. ColomboF. PregliascoM. CappellettiM.L. Villa + Article (author) -
Levels of circulating endothelial cells and circulating progenitor cells in normal and intrauterine growth restriction pregnancies 2011 A. MartinelliA. TaddeoE. ColomboM. CappellettiS. GiannelliS. Della BellaI. Cetin Conference Object -
Antibody responses and protective efficacy of influenza vaccination in patients with chronic HHV-8 infection and classic Kaposi’s sarcoma 2011 M. CappellettiA. TaddeoE. ColomboM. BellinviaF. PregliascoG. AnselmiM. L. VillaS. Della Bella + Conference Object -
Fast reduction of peripheral blood endothelial progenitor cells in healthy humans exposed to acute systemic hypoxia 2012 E. ColomboA. TaddeoM. CappellettiM.L. VillaS.A.M. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Immunogenicity and safety of seasonal influenza vaccination in patients with classic Kaposi’s sarcoma 2012 M. CappellettiA. TaddeoE. ColomboF. PregliascoM.L. VillaS. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Speeding of pulmonary VO2 on-kinetics by light to moderate-intensity aerobic exercise training in chronic heart failure : clinical and pathophysiological correlates 2013 S. Della BellaA. Taddeo + Article (author) -
Aerobic training and angiogenesis activation in patients with stable chronic heart failure: a preliminary report 2013 A. TaddeoS. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Reduction of maternal circulating endothelial progenitor cells in human pregnancies with intrauterine growth restriction 2014 F. CalcaterraA. TaddeoE. ColomboM. CappellettiD. MavilioI. CetinS. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 40
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