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Effects of somatostatin on acute pancreatitis induced in rats by injection of taurocholate and trypsin into a temporarily closed duodenal loop 1-lug-1988 B. AndreoniA. Malesci + Article (author) -
Brain cholecystokinin depletion in rats with acute liver failure 1-gen-1989 A. MalesciR. RosatiM. MontorsiF. Salerno + Article (author) -
Diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma : Preliminary results of a prospective study on the reliability of CA 19-9 in a group of selected patients 31-gen-1989 M. MontorsiA. MalesciE. Opocher + Article (author) -
Pancreatic polypeptide response to food and cerulein in patients with total gastrectomy 1-ott-1989 A. MalesciM. MontorsiROSATI, RICCARDO + Article (author) -
Pancreatic polypeptide secretion after insulin infusion and protein meal in juvenile type 1 diabetic subjects 1-gen-1990 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Gastric histology and function tests in Italian patients with dermatitis herpetiformis 1-apr-1990 MERONI, PAOLOA. MalesciR. de Franchis + Article (author) -
Effect of loxiglumide on gallbladder contractile response to cerulein and food in humans 1-mag-1990 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Postoperative management of patients with total exocrine pancreatic insufficiency 1-giu-1990 R. De FranchisA. Malesci + Article (author) -
Comparison of two newly identified tumor markers (CAR-3 and DU-PAN-2) with CA 19-9 in patients with pancreatic cancer 28-feb-1991 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Serum DU-PAN-2 in the differential diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: influence of jaundice and liver dysfunction 1-mar-1991 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Modificazioni di parametri ormonali e biochimici nell'adenocarcinoma gastrico 1-lug-1991 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Clinical utility of the serum CA 19-9 test for diagnosing pancreatic carcinoma in symptomatic patients: a prospective study 1-lug-1992 A. MalesciM. Montorsi + Article (author) -
CA 19-9 and diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma 1-set-1992 A. Malesci Article (author) -
Dose-response effects of oral loxiglumide on postprandial gall-bladder emptying in man 1-nov-1992 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Fat absorption and gastroenteric pH profile in postsurgical pancreatic insufficiency: role of the association of H2-receptor antagonists with pancreatic enzymes 1-lug-1993 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Circadian acidity pattern in prepyloric ulcers: a comparison with normal subjects and duodenal ulcer patients 1-set-1993 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Prevalence of pancreatic disorders in HIV-infected hemophiliacs : diagnostic methods and their clinical significance 1-gen-1994 A. GringeriMALESCI, ALBERTOP. M. Mannucci + Article (author) -
New enteric-coated high-lipase pancreatic extract in the treatment of pancreatic steatorrhea 1-gen-1994 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
New method for improving accuracy of 24-hour continuous intragastric pH-metry. Reflections on physiological and pharmacological studies 1-lug-1994 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Diabetes and the risk of pancreatic cancer 14-lug-1994 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 235
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