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Acute disseminated cryptococcosis in lupus nephritis: report of a fatal case 1-dic-2005 M. NebuloniCASELLA, PIETROM. CurioniF. Dipaola + Article (author) -
Short- and long-term prognosis of syncope, risk factors, and role of hospital admission : results from the STePS (Short-Term Prognosis of Syncope) study 1-gen-2008 G. CostantinoF. PeregoF. DipaolaM. BorellaA. GalliP. DucaN. MontanoR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Influence of climate on emergency department visits for syncope : role of air temperature variability 1-gen-2011 M. BorellaG. CostantinoF. PeregoF. DipaolaF. CasellaP. DucaA. PortaR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Aspirin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases 1-gen-2012 Dipaola F.Perego F.Podda G. M. + Article (author) -
Predictors of hospital admission after syncope : relationships with clinical risk scores 29-nov-2012 F. PeregoG. CostantinoF. DipaolaE. ScannellaM. BorellaF. CasellaM. SolbiatiL. AngaroniP.G. DucaR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Do work accidents play any role in the increased risk of death observed in 25- to 44-year-old patients after syncope? 18-giu-2013 F. DipaolaM. SolbiatiR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Is hospital admission valuable in managing syncope? Results from the STePS study 1-gen-2014 G. CostantinoF. DipaolaM. SolbiatiM. BulgheroniR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Priorities for emergency department syncope research 1-gen-2014 G. CostantinoI. BossiG. CasazzaF. DipaolaM. SolbiatiP. DucaN. MontanoR. Furlan + Article (author) -
The effects of mechanical stimulation of the feet on gait and cardiovascular autonomic control in Parkinson’s disease 1-gen-2014 A. PortaV. BariG. CerriF. DipaolaR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Predictive accuracy of triage nurses evaluation in risk stratification of syncope in the emergency department 1-gen-2014 M. BonziE.M. FiorelliL. AngaroniL. FurlanM. SolbiatiF. DipaolaN. MontanoR. FurlanG. Costantino + Article (author) -
Syncope risk stratification in the ED 1-set-2014 F. DipaolaG. CostantinoM. SolbiatiE. TobaldiniE. BrunettaR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Syncope recurrence and mortality : a systematic review 1-feb-2015 M. SolbiatiG. CasazzaF. DipaolaG. CernuschiN. MontanoR. FurlanG. Costantino + Article (author) -
Implantable loop recorder versus conventional diagnostic workup for unexplained recurrent syncope 1-gen-2016 M. SolbiatiG. CostantinoG. CasazzaF. DipaolaR. FurlanN. Montano + Article (author) -
Syncope clinical management in the emergency department: a consensus from the first international workshop on syncope risk stratification in the emergency department 1-gen-2016 G. CostantinoI. BossiG. CasazzaF. DipaolaM. SolbiatiP. DucaN. MontanoR. Furlan + Article (author) -
Cochrane corner: Implantable loop recorder versus conventional workup for unexplained recurrent syncope 1-dic-2016 M. SolbiatiG. CasazzaF. DipaolaG. Costantino + Article (author) -
The diagnostic yield of implantable loop recorders in unexplained syncope : A systematic review and meta-analysis 15-mar-2017 M. SolbiatiG. CasazzaF. DipaolaN. MontanoR. FurlanG.M. Costantino + Article (author) -
Diagnostic accuracy of ICD-9 code 780.2 for the identification of patients with syncope in the emergency department 12-feb-2018 Furlan, LudovicoSolbiati, MonicaPacetti, VeronicaDipaola, FrancaBonzi, MattiaFiorelli, ElisaCernuschi, GiuliaCasazza, GiovanniMontano, NicolaCostantino, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Outcomes in syncope research : a systematic review and critical appraisal 1-giu-2018 M. SolbiatiBOZZANO, VIVIANAG. CasazzaF. DipaolaR. FurlanG. Costantino + Article (author) -
Effects of clockwise and counterclockwise job shift work rotation on sleep and work-life balance on hospital nurses 1-set-2018 Dipaola, FrancaSolbiati, MonicaCostantino, GiorgioFurlan, Raffaello + Article (author) -
Cardiovascular autonomic profile in women with constitutional hypotension 1-ott-2018 F. DipaolaA. PortaR. Furlan + Article (author) -
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