Finishing effectiveness of different archwires using SmartClip™ self-ligating brackets : a clinical study / S. Ferrari, M. Bellincampi, M.F. Sfondrini, A. Caprioglio, P. Gandini. - In: INTERNATIONAL ORTHODONTICS. - ISSN 1761-7227. - 12:1(2014), pp. 125-138. [10.1016/j.ortho.2013.12.001]

Finishing effectiveness of different archwires using SmartClip™ self-ligating brackets : a clinical study

A. Caprioglio;

The aim of this clinical prospective trial was to evaluate finishing effectiveness of stainless steel (SS) archwires versus titanium molybdenum alloy (TMA) archwires using SmartClip™ self-ligating brackets.Thirty-two patients were divided in two groups: a group of 21 (G1-SS) and a group of 12 (G2-TMA). The protocol consisted of two different finishing archwires coupled with self-ligating brackets: .019 × .025" SS archwires for G1-SS and .019 × .025" TMA archwires for G2-TMA. Lateral cephalometric radiographs obtained at the beginning (T1) and end (T2) of treatment were used to assess the changes in incisor inclination, and measurements of irregularity index (LII), interdental widths, arch length (AL) and arch depth (AD) were made on dental casts to investigate changes associated with crowding correction.No significant differences from T1 to T2 were found for incisors proclination and AL changes. Statistically significant differences were found for LII (higher decrease in G1-SS), maxillary AD (higher increase in G1-SS) and three interdental maxillary widths (higher in G1-SS).The statistically significant differences found were few and clinically negligible. Self-ligating brackets system coupled with .019 × .025" archwires showed good finishing effectiveness, but no clinically significant differences were found between SS and TMA.
Finishing; Self-ligating brackets; Stainless steel (SS); Titanium molybdenum alloy (TMA)
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