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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
YACCD2: yet another color constancy database updated 1-gen-2013 A. RizziC. BonanomiD. Gadia + Book Part (author) -
YACCD2: Yet Another Color Constancy Database Updated 1-lug-2013 A. RizziC. BonanomiD. Gadia + Book Part (author) -
YACCD: Yet Another Color Constancy Database 1-gen-2003 A. RizziD. Marini + Book Part (author) -
Yalta : il duello infinito tra il mito e la storia 1-gen-2007 Paola Olla Brundu Book Part (author) -
Yamamoto Masao = Nippon Girls: fotografia al femminile. Hiromix, Mika Ninagawa, Yurie Nagashima, Maki Miyashita 1-gen-2008 R. Menegazzo Book Part (author) -
Yb-doped silica optical fibers for real-time dosimetry in radiotherapy 1-ago-2018 S. GalloI. Veronese + Book Part (author) -
A Year of Social Movements in Italy : from the “No TAVs” to the Five Star Movement 1-gen-2013 MOSCA L Book Part (author) -
Yeast-based screening system for the selection of functional light-driven K+channels 1-gen-2017 Cosentino, CristianAlberio, LauraMoroni, Anna + Book Part (author) -
Yesterday’s idioms today : a corpus linguistic analysis of Bible idioms 1-gen-2012 L. Pinnavaia Book Part (author) -
Yield modeling and analysis of a clockless asynchronous wave pipeline with pulse faults 1-gen-2003 V. Piuri + Book Part (author) -
Yo Carnaval y Yo Cuaresma 1-gen-2004 Mariarosa Scaramuzza Vidoni Book Part (author) -
Yogananda: un Évangile pour le Nouveau Monde 1-gen-2021 Maria Angelillo Book Part (author) -
Yoshimitsu il Magnifico 1-gen-2013 V. Sica Book Part (author) -
You are a Columbus of Science who has discovered a Lost World : lo scienziato-esploratore in The Lost World di Arthur Conan Doyle 1-gen-2014 N. Brazzelli Book Part (author) -
You cannot both eat your cake and return your cake 1-gen-2013 F.E. Ziccardi Book Part (author) -
“You have a duty if you are a Sarajevan” : Young adults in Sarajevo 1-gen-2019 Arianna Piacentini Book Part (author) -
Youth and Digital Media: Risks and Opportunities 1-gen-2020 A. Garavaglia + Book Part (author) -
Youth long-term unemployment in France: Challenging common trends 1-gen-2016 Cinalli, Manlio + Book Part (author) -
Youth online: Researching the political use of the Internet in the Italian context 1-gen-2007 MOSCA L + Book Part (author) -
Youth unemployment in Italy 1-gen-2015 M. LeonardiG. Pica Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 48.354 a 48.373 di 48.541
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