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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
A phenomenological study on the combined effect of increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases on the global warming 1-gen-1993 D. Fessas + Book Part (author) -
A 'combination of multiple classifier' design for low-complex, highly performing and power-aware classifiers 1-apr-2004 F. Scotti + Book Part (author) -
A (timed) state-transition semantics for reflective petri nets 1-gen-2008 L. Capra Book Part (author) -
A basic ontology for multi agent system communication in an environmental monitoring system 1-gen-2004 V. Piuri + Book Part (author) -
A Bayesian neural network for competing risks models with covariates 1-gen-2006 P. BoracchiE. Biganzoli + Book Part (author) -
A Bidomain numerical validation for assessing times of fast and ending repolarization from monophasic action potentials 1-gen-2010 L.F. PavarinoS. Scacchi + Book Part (author) -
A biomechanical study of locomotion by hemiplegic patient 1-gen-1982 L. Tesio + Book Part (author) -
A cento anni dai morti di Castelluzzo 1-gen-2005 M. Antonioli Book Part (author) -
A charge sensitive preamplifier with an active ultra fast recovery circuit for experiments at neutron time-of-flight facilities 1-gen-2007 A. Pullia + Book Part (author) -
A ciascuno il suo mondo 1-gen-2007 C. Pagetti Book Part (author) -
A clinical neuroradiological and virological longitudinal study to verify the role of virus in inducing relapses in multiple sclerosis patients: preliminary results 1-gen-2001 P. FerranteS. Della Bella + Book Part (author) -
A cognitive study of levetiracetam 1-gen-2004 M. Canevini + Book Part (author) -
A Collaborative Environment for the Design of Accessible Educational Objects 1-gen-2009 M. Mesiti + Book Part (author) -
A collaborative knowledge management system for analyzing non-verbal markings in the ancient mediterranean world 1-gen-2012 S. ValtolinaG. Bagnasco + Book Part (author) -
A colloquio con Liliana Cavani 1-dic-1993 A. Bentoglio Book Part (author) -
A colloquio con Luca Ronconi 1-mag-1993 A. Bentoglio Book Part (author) -
A colloquio con Stefano Vizioli 1-mar-1994 A. Bentoglio Book Part (author) -
A Color Appearance Approach to Image Database Visual Retrieval 1-gen-2000 D. MariniA. Rizzi Book Part (author) -
A combined approach for successful reannotation of animal mitochondrial tRNAs based on pattern-matching and tRNA-predictor programs 1-gen-2010 R. LupiC. Gissi Book Part (author) -
A community of practice and project-based learning matching innovation and tradition 1-gen-2012 R. Folgieri Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 178 a 197 di 48.541
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