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AF - Africa 349
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CN - Cina 3107
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GB - Regno Unito 1184
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DE - Germania 1019
JP - Giappone 758
CA - Canada 484
IN - India 449
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AU - Australia 376
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TR - Turchia 170
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ZA - Sudafrica 131
ID - Indonesia 127
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NO - Norvegia 111
SG - Singapore 110
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AT - Austria 97
GR - Grecia 94
TH - Thailandia 94
RO - Romania 89
VN - Vietnam 89
PT - Portogallo 86
EG - Egitto 65
IL - Israele 65
CL - Cile 64
DK - Danimarca 64
PK - Pakistan 58
UA - Ucraina 57
PH - Filippine 49
AR - Argentina 45
CO - Colombia 45
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 42
MY - Malesia 41
NG - Nigeria 39
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MA - Marocco 33
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Osaka 33
Tianjin 33
Oslo 32
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Mainz 30
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Stockholm 30
Fremont 29
Totale 14623
Nome #
Assessing Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Solid Tumors: A Practical Review for Pathologists and Proposal for a Standardized Method from the International Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers Working Group: Part 2: TILs in Melanoma, Gastrointestinal Tract Carcinomas, Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma and Mesothelioma, Endometrial and Ovarian Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck, Genitourinary Carcinomas, and Primary Brain Tumors, file dfa8b999-c359-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 2335
Cetuximab for treating non-small cell lung cancer, file dfa8b99d-3c41-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 1292
A meta-analysis of oestrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 discordance between primary breast cancer and metastases, file dfa8b990-f52d-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 1030
4th ESO-ESMO international consensus guidelines for advanced breast cancer (ABC 4), file dfa8b99d-1cb5-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 902
Biologic therapy for advanced breast cancer : recent advances and future directions, file dfa8b9a5-fa2f-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 819
Entinostat for the treatment of breast cancer, file dfa8b99f-34e8-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 684
Association of Breast Cancer Irradiation With Cardiac Toxic Effects : A Narrative Review, file dfa8b9a6-1c5c-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 658
Margetuximab for the treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer, file dfa8b9a6-578b-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 603
Cardiovascular toxicity induced by chemotherapy, targeted agents and radiotherapy: ESMO clinical practice guidelines, file dfa8b99b-c6c1-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 566
Phase I study of lysine-specific demethylase 1 inhibitor, CC-90011, in patients with advanced solid tumors and relapsed/refractory non-hodgkin lymphoma A C, file dfa8b9a6-6dcd-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 548
Estimating the Benefits of Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer The St Gallen International Consensus Guidelines for the Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer 2019, file dfa8b99f-2ecd-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 525
Intracranial efficacy and survival with tucatinib plus trastuzumab and capecitabine for previously treated HER2-positive breast cancer with brain metastases in the HER2CLIMB trial, file dfa8b9a5-e350-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 512
Safety, Tolerability, and Management of Toxic Effects of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Inhibitor Treatment in Patients with Cancer: A Review, file dfa8b99f-1379-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 495
Edoxaban for Cancer-Associated Venous Thromboembolism, file dfa8b99d-2043-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 462
Antibody–drug conjugates: Smart chemotherapy delivery across tumor histologies, file dfa8b9a9-b87a-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 456
Progresses toward precision medicine in RET-altered solid tumors, file dfa8b9a5-d2cc-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 447
Ribociclib plus letrozole in early breast cancer : a presurgical, window-of-opportunity study, file dfa8b99a-e235-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 398
Obesity increases the incidence of distant metastases in oestrogen receptor-negative human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive breast cancer patients, file dfa8b990-bfba-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 385
Impact of baseline and on-treatment glycemia on everolimus-exemestane efficacy in patients with hormone receptor-positive advanced breast cancer (EVERMET), file dfa8b9a7-17d2-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 375
Managing side effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors in breast cancer, file dfa8b9a7-30c4-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 368
De-escalating and escalating treatments for early-stage breast cancer : the St. Gallen International Expert Consensus Conference on the Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer 2017, file dfa8b999-0dc7-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 338
Immune analysis of lymph nodes in relation to the presence or absence of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in triple-negative breast cancer, file dfa8b9a6-3a03-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 325
3rd ESO-ESMO international consensus guidelines for Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC 3), file dfa8b99b-f73d-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 298
Practical classification of triple-negative breast cancer: intratumoral heterogeneity, mechanisms of drug resistance, and novel therapies, file dfa8b9a6-3470-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 294
Pharmacogenetics of anticancer drug sensitivity in non-small cell lung cancer, file dfa8b99c-0555-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 276
A clinical perspective on escalating or de-escalating adjuvant therapy in HER2+ breast cancer, file dfa8b99d-1c42-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 269
Identification of genetic determinants of breast cancer immune phenotypes by integrative genome-scale analysis, file dfa8b99a-7737-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 263
Three-year follow-up from a phase 3 study of SB3 (a trastuzumab biosimilar) versus reference trastuzumab in the neoadjuvant setting for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-positive breast cancer, file dfa8b99f-49cf-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 262
RNAi screens identify CHD4 as an essential gene in breast cancer growth, file dfa8b996-deda-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 254
Lucitanib for the treatment of HRþ/HER2- Metastatic breast cancer : Results from the multicohort phase II FINESSE study, file dfa8b9a5-c331-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 248
Phase I/Ib clinical trial of Sabatolimab, an Anti-TIM-3 Antibody, Alone and in Combination With Spartalizumab, an Anti-PD-1 Antibody, in Advanced Solid Tumors, file dfa8b9a7-2f71-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 243
Chemotherapy is more effective in patients with breast cancer not expressing steroid hormone receptors: a study of preoperative treatment, file dfa8b99e-b250-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 235
Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of breast cancer primaries and matched metastases in AURORA, the Breast International Group (BIG) molecular screening initiative, file dfa8b9a7-8e60-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 234
Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines Revamping: Technology Advancements and Pitfalls, file dfa8b9a7-e797-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 228
Pan-Asian adapted ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for the diagnosis treatment and follow-up of patients with localised colon cancer, file dfa8b9a8-1405-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 224
3rd ESO-ESMO International Consensus Guidelines for Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC 3), file dfa8b99b-c12d-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 210
Recent advances in triple negative breast cancer: the immunotherapy era, file dfa8b99f-4765-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 208
Proposed new clinicopathological surrogate definitions of luminal A and luminal B (HER2-negative) intrinsic breast cancer subtypes, file dfa8b991-ea52-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 200
Expression of tumor-associated antigens in breast cancer subtypes, file dfa8b9a0-784e-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 195
Defining the immunogram of breast cancer: a focus on clinical trials, file dfa8b99f-491d-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 182
New approaches for improving outcomes in breast cancer in Europe, file dfa8b99a-fb1e-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 181
Modulation of epidermal growth factor receptor status by chemotherapy in patients with locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer is rare, file dfa8b99e-2bad-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 178
Barriers to the use of trastuzumab for HER2+ breast cancer and the potential impact of biosimilars : a physician survey in the united states and emerging markets, file dfa8b99a-c2e6-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 177
Recommendations for triage, prioritization and treatment of breast cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, file dfa8b9a2-7715-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 168
Combining immunotherapy with an epidrug in squamous cell carcinomas of different locations: rationale and design of the PEVO basket trial, file dfa8b9a6-799d-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 165
3rd ESO–ESMO International Consensus Guidelines for Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC 3), file dfa8b99a-cbe7-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 160
Mortality in patients with cancer and coronavirus disease 2019 : A systematic review and pooled analysis of 52 studies, file dfa8b9a5-dfdd-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 157
Gemcitabine-induced systemic capillary leak syndrome, file dfa8b99e-dab9-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 153
Gender-related challenges facing oncologists: The results of the ESMO Women for Oncology Committee survey, file dfa8b99d-0c93-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 152
Clinical outcomes after palbociclib with or without endocrine therapy in postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive and HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer enrolled in the TREnd trial, file dfa8b99f-7014-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 150
4-Aminobiphenyl-DNA adducts in laryngeal tissue and smoking habits: an immunohistochemical study, file dfa8b99e-a8c7-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 148
A Phase Ib, open-label, dose-finding study of alpelisib in combination with paclitaxel in patients with advanced solid tumors, file dfa8b99d-0abc-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 145
5th ESO-ESMO international consensus guidelines for advanced breast cancer (ABC 5), file dfa8b9a5-d645-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 144
Highlights from the 14th St Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference 2015 in Vienna: Dealing with classification, prognostication, and prediction refinement to personalize the treatment of patients with early breast cancer, file dfa8b99b-fff7-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 139
Repurposing anticancer drugs for the management of COVID-19, file dfa8b9a5-e66e-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 138
ESMO Clinical Practice Guideline for the diagnosis, staging and treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer ☆, file 556420d7-831c-4b3c-980c-836305f9953d 135
Efficacy and Safety of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Patients with Microsatellite Instability-High End-Stage Cancers and Poor Performance Status Related to High Disease Burden, file dfa8b9a3-69fe-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 135
Phase I study of twelve-day prolonged infusion of high-dose ifosfamide and doxorubicin as first-line chemotherapy in adult patients with advanced soft tissue sarcomas, file dfa8b99f-3802-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 132
Efficacy of Margetuximab vs Trastuzumab in Patients with Pretreated ERBB2-Positive Advanced Breast Cancer: A Phase 3 Randomized Clinical Trial, file dfa8b9a6-2d2b-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 132
Extended adjuvant chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer, file dfa8b99e-4fe9-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 131
Lessons from the Fourth Metronomic and Anti-angiogenic Therapy Meeting, 24-25 June 2014, Milan, file dfa8b99a-ec4c-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 129
Synergistic effect of fasting-mimicking diet and vitamin C against KRAS mutated cancers, file dfa8b9a5-cf5c-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 128
A Practical Approach to the Management of Cancer Patients During the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic : An International Collaborative Group, file dfa8b9a5-d4ef-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 127
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cancer Care: A Global Collaborative Study, file dfa8b9a5-dd3c-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 127
Drug distribution and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic relationship of paclitaxel and gemcitabine in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer, file dfa8b99b-d3ca-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 126
Mismatch Repair Deficiency as a Predictive Biomarker for Immunotherapy Efficacy, file dfa8b99b-1c98-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 125
Report on the status of women occupying leadership roles in oncology, file dfa8b99d-0c90-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 125
Immunohistochemical quantitation of 4-aminobiphenyl-DNA adducts and p53 nuclear overexpression in T1 bladder cancer of smokers and nonsmokers, file dfa8b99e-f922-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 125
Immunosuppression and Multiple Primary Malignancies in Kidney-Transplanted Patients : a Single-Institute Study, file dfa8b99a-a57b-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 124
Talking to patients about biosimilars, file dfa8b99d-1cad-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 123
WDR5 inhibition halts metastasis dissemination by repressing the mesenchymal phenotype of breast cancer cells, file dfa8b9a2-ebc7-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 123
Cytotoxic drugs for patients with breast cancer in the era of targeted treatment: Back to the future?, file dfa8b99e-e9d5-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 122
Emerging issues related to COVID-19 vaccination in patients with cancer, file dfa8b9a7-6ebb-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 121
Are all cyclin-dependent kinases 4/6 inhibitors created equal?, file dfa8b99f-7b71-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 120
Bone scan had no role in the staging of 765 consecutive operable T1-2N0-1 breast cancer patients without skeletal symptoms, file dfa8b99e-b786-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 118
Benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with special histology subtypes of triple-negative breast cancer : a systematic review, file dfa8b9a7-0a7a-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 117
Adherence to COVID-19 vaccines in cancer patients: promote it and make it happen!, file dfa8b9a7-b663-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 117
A Phase I Study of LSZ102, an Oral Selective Estrogen Receptor Degrader, With or Without Ribociclib or Alpelisib, in Patients with Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer, file dfa8b9a7-e61f-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 116
A phase 2 randomized, double-blinded, controlled study of ONT-380 vs. placebo in combination with capecitabine (C) and trastuzumab (T) in patients with pretreated HER2+ unresectable locally advanced or metastatic breast carcinoma (MBC), file dfa8b99b-e7f7-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 114
Management of cardiac disease in cancer patients throughout oncological treatment : ESMO consensus recommendations, file dfa8b9a5-c8c3-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 114
The PROMISe to increase precision in adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer: To “Type” or to “Print”?, file dfa8b99d-1ca8-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 113
Impact of autoimmune diseases on outcome of patients with early breast cancer, file dfa8b99a-707b-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 112
QTc prolongation assessment in anticancer drug development : clinical and methodological issues, file dfa8b99e-ae09-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 112
Final results from the PERUSE study of first-line pertuzumab plus trastuzumab plus a taxane for HER2-positive locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer, with a multivariable approach to guide prognostication, file dfa8b9a9-e16c-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 111
Immune checkpoint blockade in cancer treatment : a double-edged sword cross-targeting the host as an "innocent bystander", file dfa8b99a-d059-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 110
Phase I study of the gamma secretase inhibitor PF-03084014 in combination with docetaxel in patients with advanced triple-negative breast cancer, file dfa8b99a-e29a-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 107
Factor V Leiden and G20210A prothrombin mutation and the risk of subclavian vein thrombosis in patients with breast cancer and a central venous catheter, file dfa8b99e-b960-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 107
Profile of buparlisib and its potential in the treatment of breast cancer: evidence to date., file dfa8b99a-822e-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 106
Breast carcinoma in elderly women : features of disease presentation, choice of local and systemic treatments compared with younger postmenopausal patients, file dfa8b99e-e115-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 104
Re: Akt phosphorylation and gefitinib efficacy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, file dfa8b99e-e1a0-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 104
Combination of Hypoglycemia and Metformin Impairs Tumor Metabolic Plasticity and Growth by Modulating the PP2A-GSK3β-MCL-1 Axis, file dfa8b99f-5114-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 103
Lessons from the first ecancer symposium on angiogenesis in gastric cancer, file dfa8b99a-740b-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 102
Phase I and pharmacologic study of weekly gemcitabine and paclitaxel in chemo-naive patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, file dfa8b99f-6c8a-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 101
Expected Medium- and Long-Term Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Oncology, file dfa8b9a6-3cb1-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 101
Understanding the role of comparative clinical studies in the development of oncology biosimilars, file dfa8b9a5-e5e5-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 100
Highlights from the 38th SABCS annual meeting, 8th - 12th December 2015, San Antonio, USA, file dfa8b99b-edfa-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 99
Effect of capmatinib on the pharmacokinetics of digoxin and rosuvastatin administered as a 2-drug cocktail in patients with MET-dysregulated advanced solid tumours: A phase I, multicentre, open-label, single-sequence drug–drug interaction study, file dfa8b9a6-5e58-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 99
Immune approaches to the treatment of breast cancer, around the corner?, file dfa8b99b-1511-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 98
Pitfalls in assessing stromal tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (sTILs) in breast cancer, file dfa8b9a2-1521-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 97
Delivering Cancer Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recommendations and Lessons Learned from ASCO Global Webinars, file dfa8b9a5-dfda-748b-e053-3a05fe0a3a96 96
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