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Title: Enhanced photocatalytic formation of hydroxyl radicals on fluorinated TiO2
Authors: SELLI, ELENA (Last author)
MROWETZ, MARTA (First author)
Abstract: Direct experimental evidence of the higher concentration of hydroxyl radicals generated on fluorinated titanium dioxide (F - TiO2) under irradiation was obtained by spin-trapping EPR measurements. The faster photoinduced bleaching of the azo dye Acid Red 1 (AR1) observed in the presence of F - TiO2 was explained by the high affinity of the azo double bond towards OH radicals. Moreover, the pronounced decrease of the AR1 bleaching rate by addition of 2-propanol, as hydroxyl radicals scavenger, on F - TiO2 and not on naked TiO2 demonstrated that on fluorinated titania AR1 is mainly degraded via OH radical attack.
MIUR subjects: CHIM/02 - Chimica Fisica
Publication date: 2005
Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1039/b500194c
Citation: Enhanced photocatalytic formation of hydroxyl radicals on fluorinated TiO2 / M. Mrowetz, E. Selli. - In: Physical chemistry chemical physics. - ISSN 1463-9076. - ISSN 1463-9084. - 7:6(2005), pp. 1100-1102.
ISI identifier: 000227386800003
Scopus identifier: 16244387654
Type: Article (author)

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