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Here, you can find and download the "San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment", stating the guidelines for institutions, funding agencies, publishers, and researchers, for a wiser evaluation of research results than the use of journal-based metrics (such as Impact Factor), which do not take into account the actual scientific quality of the specific research articles.

Here, you can find the position statement on the open access of the scientific research results in Italy, recently signed by the CRUI representatives and the public institutes of research engaged in the MedOANet project.

Two new LERU (League of European Research Universities) leaflets on Open Access applied to research publications and research data are now available.

To read all the other LERU leaflets and publications, click here.

AIR - Archivio Istituzionale della Ricerca

If there is one thing every bibliometrician agrees, it is that you should never use the journal impact factor to evaluate research performance for an article or for an individual — that is a mortal sin.
Anthony van Raan

AIR (Archivio Istituzionale della ricerca) is the institutional repository of the University of Milan and gathers the whole scientific production of the institution since 2004: journal articles, monographs, book chapters, proceedings, Phd Theses and patents. Upload of metadata is mandatory since 2009, and full-text is recommended where it is possible. Deposit of Doctoral theses (metadata and full-text) is mandatory in AIR since november 2010.

AIR is harvested by BASE since June 2010, by Scientific Commons, by Google Scholar and by DART Europe.

Access to metadata and full-text is worldwide free, but only internal staff (professors, researchers, research grant holders, doctoral and post-graduate students) can archive their own publications in AIR.

In this picture, the collaboration degree between the University of Milan and the other national and international universities and institutions is shown, on the basis of data extracted from Web of Science. Universities and institutions having a high collaboration degree are gathered in the same cluster. Different clusters of universities/institutions are denoted by different colors. Moreover, links between universities and institutions belonging to the same or different clusters denote the main collaborations between them.

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