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The Bose gas in a box with Neumann boundary conditions 1-gen-2022 chiara boccato Article (author) -
Bernstein and half-space properties for minimal graphs under Ricci lower bounds 27-nov-2019 Giulio ColomboMarco Rigoli + Article (author) -
Tachibana-type theorems on complete manifolds 20-feb-2022 Giulio ColomboMarco MarianiMarco Rigoli Article (author) -
Reversible photocontrol of dopaminergic transmission in wild-type animals 17-mag-2022 Carlo Matera + Article (author) -
Guidelines to analyse preclinical studies using perinatal derivatives 7-mar-2022 Anna Lange-ConsiglioFausto Cremonesi + Article (author) -
The Structure of Social Support: A Multilevel Analysis of the Personal Networks of People with Severe Mental Disorders 24-set-2021 Raffaele Vacca + Article (author) -
Powerful avidity with a limited valency for virus-attachment blockers on DC-SIGN: Combining chelation and statistical rebinding with structural plasticity of the receptor 30-mar-2022 Ordanini, StefaniaBernardi, Anna + Article (author) -
Committed Dishonesty: A Systematic Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Social Commitment on Dishonest Behavior 1-gen-2022 John Michael + Article (author) -
Age Discrimination in Hiring: An Experimental Study in Italy 19-mag-2020 Dormidontova YuliaSquazzoni Flaminio + Article (author) -
A Gaseous Argon-Based Near Detector to Enhance the Physics Capabilities of DUNE 12-mar-2022 F. FerraroN. GalliceM. Lazzaroni + Article (author) -
Pangenomics provides insights into the role of synanthropy in barn swallow evolution 29-mar-2022 S. SecomandiG. GalloE. GalatiM. CaprioliG. MessinaD. RuboliniM. SaclierR. AmbrosiniL. GianfranceschiG. Formenti + Article (author) -
Weight-Reducing Turing Machines 1-gen-2021 Giovanni PighizziniLuca Prigioniero + Article (author) -
Converting Nondeterministic Two-Way Automata into Small Deterministic Linear-Time Machines 1-gen-2021 Giovanni PighizziniLuca Prigioniero + Article (author) -
Minimal and reduced reversible automata 1-gen-2016 Lavado G. J.Pighizzini G.Prigioniero L. Article (author) -
Cell-type specific transcriptional networks in root xylem adjacent cell layers 6-feb-2022 Giorgio Perrella + Article (author) -
Fine structure of the singular set of area minimizing hypersurfaces modulo p 25-gen-2022 Salvatore Stuvard + Article (author) -
BeyondPlanck VI. Noise characterization and modelling 12-nov-2020 M. BersanelliC. FranceschetL. P. L. ColomboD. MainoA. MennellaS. Paradiso + Article (author) -
BeyondPlanck I. Global Bayesian analysis of the Planck low frequency instrument data 11-nov-2020 M. BersanelliL. P. L. ColomboC. FranceschetD. MainoA. MennellaS. Paradiso + Article (author) -
A donor-acceptor Stenhouse adduct displaying reversible photoswitching in water and neuronal activity 25-mar-2022 Carlo Matera + Article (author) -
Pulling the strings of cell cycle: a non-coding RNA, CcnA, modulates the master regulators CtrA and GcrA in Caulobacter crescentus 6-lug-2019 Matteo Brilli + Article (author) -
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 1 a 20 di 172
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