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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
What makes a "good manager"? Positioning gender and management in students' narratives 2014 A Murgia + Article (author) -
What Makes a Paper Be Highly Cited? 60 Years of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2020 Mazzolari A. + Article (author) -
What Makes Autocracies’ Soft Power Strategies Special? Evidence from Russia and China 2016 A. Patalakh Conference Object -
What Makes Autocracies’ Soft Power Strategies Special? Evidence from Russia and China 2017 A. Patalakh Article (author) -
What makes for a good missing value imputation? New algorithmic approaches in PCA and random forests-based techniques 2012 A. BarbieroG. ManziP.A. Ferrari + Book Part (author) -
What matters is when you play: Investigating the relationship between online video games addiction and time spent playing over specific day phases 2018 Triberti, Stefano + Article (author) -
What Matters Most to Lung Cancer Patients? A Qualitative Study in Italy and Belgium to Investigate Patient Preferences 2021 Oliveri, SerenaDurosini, IlariaGalli, GiuliaGianoncelli, LetiziaPravettoni, Gabriella + Article (author) -
What mechanisms can't do : explanatory frameworks and the function of the p53 gene in molecular oncology 2013 A. BlasimmeP. MaugeriP. Germain Article (author) -
What money cannot buy : a new approach to measure venture capital ability to add non-financial resources 2021 Anita Quas + Article (author) -
What neurophysiological recordings tell us about cognitive and behavioral functions of the human subthalamic nucleus 2011 M. FumagalliA. Priori + Article (author) -
What next: White Paper of CSN1 Proposal for a long term strategy for accelerator based experiments 2015 Andreazza A.Ferrera G.Forte S.Neri N.Rossi L.Vicini A. + Book Part (author) -
What next: white paper of the INFN-CSN1 : proposal for a long term strategy for accelerator based experiments 2015 A. AndreazzaG. FerreraS. ForteN. NeriL. RossiA. Vicini + Book (author) -
What not to do in acute otitis media: the top five recommendations proposed by the Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics 2017 P.G. Marchisio + Article (author) -
What now for prone positioning? 2013 L. Gattinoni Conference Object -
What nursing sensitive outcomes have been studied to-date among patients cared for in intensive care units? Findings from a scoping review 2020 Danielis M.Terzoni S.Destrebecq A. L. L. + Article (author) -
What patients want: A new biological era in valvular prostheses 2006 Biglioli, PaoloBarili, FabioPolvani, Gianluca Article (author) -
What Pediatricians Should Know Before Studying Gut Microbiota 2019 Drago, LorenzoPanelli, SimonaBandi, ClaudioZuccotti, Gian VincenzoPerini, MatteoD’Auria, Enza Article (author) -
What people know about congenital CMV : An analysis of a large heterogeneous population through a web-based survey 2016 S. BindaL. PellegrinelliA. CaseriniV. PrimacheL. BubbaM. Barbi + Article (author) -
What people really change after genetic testing (GT) performed in private labs: results from an Italian study 2022 Oliveri, SerenaCincidda, CliziaOngaro, GiuliaCutica, IlariaGorini, AlessandraPravettoni, Gabriella + Article (author) -
What place for albumin? 2013 L. Gattinoni Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 287.699 a 287.718 di 290.223
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