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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Weathering features and morphology on Mt. Mottarone (Northern Italy). An example of a granite weathering landscape 2005 A. StriniA. Bini + Article (author) -
Weathering processes in cold climate conditions: case studies from different granite features in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 2005 A. Strini + Book Part (author) -
Weathering processes of selected paleosols from Western Liguria (Northern Italy): micromorphological and mineralogical aspects 2006 L. Trombino + Article (author) -
Weaving executability into UML class models at PIM level 2009 E. Riccobene + Book Part (author) -
Weaving nets: Housing and leadership in two Italian cities 2018 Maria Tullia Galanti Article (author) -
Weaving nets: Housing and leadership in two Italian cities 2018 Galanti, Maria Tullia Article (author) -
Web & social media : le tecniche di analisi 2017 P. NataleM. Airoldi Book (editor) -
Web 2.0 : the business model 2009 E. Damiani + Book (editor) -
The web 2.0 and its impact on relations between citizens and political representatives 2015 M.Orofino Book Part (author) -
Il web 2.0 come arena per il media criticism 2011 S. Splendore Book Part (author) -
Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities in the European Union: Paving the Road to Social Inclusion 2018 S. Favalli + Article (author) -
Web accessibility legislation in Italy : a survey 10 years after the Stanca Act 2018 B.R. BarricelliS. ValtolinaA. Rizzi + Article (author) -
Web advertising messages in Croatian tourism: Exploring qualitative and quantitative perspectives 2019 Bait, M + Article (author) -
Web agents in an environmental monitoring system 2005 A. AmatoV. Piuri + Book Part (author) -
Web and social graph mining 2014 Boldi P. + Article (author) -
Web Applications for Automatic Audio-to-Score Synchronization with Iterative Refinement 2023 Adriano BarateGoffredo HausLuca Andrea LudovicoGiorgio PrestiDavide Andrea Mauro + Book Part (author) -
Web Applications testing : a metrics and instance based learning approach 2005 A. MarchettoA. Trentini Book Part (author) -
Web as a new shortcut in patient-doctor communication and medical care relationship 2017 S. RivaG. Pravettoni Article (author) -
Web data fusion in the Wikipedia/DBpedia domain 2009 E. Tacchini Conference Object -
A web framework to develop computational thinking through music coding 2016 A. BaratèL.A. Ludovico + Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 283.818 a 283.837 di 286.896
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