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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
U źródeł kaznodziejstwa: próba syntezy 1999 Grzegorz Franczak Article (author) -
U-Fiber Leukoencephalopathy Due to a Novel Mutation in the TACO1 Gene 2021 Martinelli Boneschi, FilippoScarlato, Marina + Article (author) -
U-Pb ages on detrital zircons and geochemistry of Lula paragneiss from Variscan belt, NE Sardinia, Italy : implications for source rocks and early Paleozoic paleogeography 2020 Caironi, Valeria + Article (author) -
U-Pb ages, Pb-Os isotope ratios, and platinum-group element (PGE) composition of the west-central Madagascar flood basalt province 2010 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb and Ar-40-Ar-39 geochronology of Palaeozoic units in the northern Apennines: determining protolith age and alpine evolution using the Calamita Schist and Ortano Porphyroid 2011 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb carbonate dating reveals long‐lived activity of proximal margin extensional faults during the Alpine Tethys rifting 2024 Gasparrini, M.Berra, F. + Article (author) -
U-Pb dating of granodiorite and granite units of the Los Pedroches batholith. Implications for geodynamic models of the southern Central Iberian Zone (Iberian Massif) 2009 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb Detrital Zircon Analysis : results of an Inter-laboratory Comparison 2013 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb zircon ages for post-Variscan volcanism in the Ligurian Alps (Northern Italy) 2009 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb zircon data of Variscan meta-igneous and igneous acidic rocks from an Alpine shear zone in Calabria (southern Italy) 2011 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb zircon dating and nature of metavolcanics and metarkoses from the Monte Grighini Unit : new insights on late Ordovician magmatism in the Variscan belt in Sardinia, Italy 2013 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb zircon geochronological and petrographic constraints on late to post-collisional Variscan magmatism and metamorphism in the Ligurian Alps, Italy 2012 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U-Pb zircon geochronology of intrusive rocks from an exotic block in the Late Cretaceous – Paleocene Taraklı Flysch (northern Turkey): Constraints on the tectonics of the Intrapontide suture zone 2019 Farina, Federico + Article (author) -
U-Th Zircon Dating by Laser Ablation Single Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) 2016 Forni F. + Article (author) -
U-Th-Pb “multi-phase” approach to the study of crystalline basement: application to the northernmost sector of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (Alps) 2015 M. Tiepolo + Article (author) -
U. Blaurock (ed.), The Influence of Islam on Banking and Finance 2015 F.C. Villata Article (author) -
U. Hechtfischer, R. Hof, I. Stephan, F. Veit-Wild, Metzler Autorinnen-Lexikon 2004 G. Rovagnati Article (author) -
U. La Torraca, Lo studio del greco a Napoli nel Settecento, Giannini editore, Napoli 2012, pp. 277 (Pubblicazioni del Dipartimento di Filologia classica “F. Arnaldi” dell’Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, n. s. 2) 2016 G. Benedetto Article (author) -
U. Meixner, Einführung in die Ontologie 2003 P. VALORE Article (author) -
U. Perone, Le passioni del finito 1996 M.C. Bartolomei Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 275.350 a 275.369 di 289.197
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