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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Oesophageal manometry and gas exchange in patients with COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome 1-nov-2020 Coppola S.Pozzi T.Busana M.Bichi F.Camponetti V.Chiumello D. Article (author) -
Oesophageal motility and bolus transit abnormalities increase in parallel with the severity of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease 14-giu-2011 A. Malesci + Article (author) -
Oesophageal motor function in chronic intestinal idiopathic pseudo-obstruction : a study with high-resolution manometry 1-ott-2017 A. MauroM. FranchinaA. ElveviD. PuglieseD. ConteR. Penagini + Article (author) -
Oesophageal pressure and respiratory muscle ultrasonographic measurements indicate inspiratory effort during pressure support ventilation 1-lug-2020 Umbrello M.Formenti P.Lusardi A. C.Guanziroli M.Caccioppola A.Coppola S.Chiumello D. Article (author) -
Oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma in two cats 1-feb-1999 M. GualtieriM. Di Giancamillo + Article (author) -
Oesophagitis dissecans superficialis as the presenting sign oisolated oesophageal mucous membrane pemphigoid 9-dic-2019 Genovese G.Filippi E.Fanoni D.Marzano A. V. + Article (author) -
Oestradiol synthesized by female neurons generates sex differences in neuritogenesis 1-gen-2016 R.C. MelcangiD. Caruso + Article (author) -
Oestrogen prevention of neural cell death correlates with decreased expression of mRNA for the pro-apoptotic protein Nip-2 1-gen-2000 C. MedaE. VegetoP. CianaA. Maggi + Article (author) -
Oestrogen receptors in meningiomas: a correlative PET and immunohistochemical study 1-lug-1997 G. Lucignani + Article (author) -
Oestrogen replacement treatment and the risk of endometrial cancer : an assessment of the role of covariates 1-gen-1993 C. La VecchiaE. Negri + Article (author) -
Oestrogens and obesity as risk factors for endometrial cancer in Italy 1-gen-1982 C. La VecchiaA. Decarli + Article (author) -
Oestrogens and progesterone concentrations and risk of ectopic pregnancy : an epidemiological point of view 1-feb-1996 F. Parazzini Article (author) -
Oestrogens and progestins and breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women 1-dic-1995 C. La Vecchia Article (author) -
Oestrogens, via transforming growth factor alpha, modulate basic fibroblast growth factor synthesis in hypothalamic astrocytes: in vitro observations 1-gen-2002 M. GalbiatiL. MartiniC. Melcangi Article (author) -
Oestrus ovis L. (Diptera: Oestridae) Induced Nasal Myiasis in a Dog from Northern Italy 1-lug-2016 S.A. ZanzaniA.L. GazzonisM.T. Manfredi + Article (author) -
Of Borders and (W)holes : Porous Geographies of the Fantastic in China Miéville and Nora K. Jemisin 1-gen-2021 vallorani Book Part (author) -
Of constraints and opportunities. Dependent asymmetry in China-Myanmar relations, 2011–2021 30-giu-2022 Simone Dossi + Article (author) -
Of fluid and tubes 1-gen-2020 Nassisi, M. + Article (author) -
Of hearts, minds, and guts: difficulties in diagnosing heart failure in the young 1-gen-2019 Carugo S.Voltolini A. + Article (author) -
Of islands and bears: the aesthetics and politics of Gianfranco Rosi's Fuocoammare 1-gen-2018 L. A. De Michelis Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 171.269 a 171.288 di 260.636
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