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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Is Nonreligion a Religion? The Italian Legal Experience 2022 C. Cianitto + Book Part (author) -
Is Notch1 involved in the deregulation of molecular processes in T-ALL? 2004 R. ChiaramonteV. CecchinatoA. BasileE. CalzavaraP. Comi + Book Part (author) -
Is NRG1 involved in determining cerebral volumes in schizophrenia? : preliminary results showing a decrease in superior temporal gyrus volume 2012 P. Brambilla + Article (author) -
Is nutrition important to postpone frailty? 2015 M. Cesari + Article (author) -
Is nutritional support needed in late preterm infants? 2015 M.L. GiannìN. LiottoA. OrsiO. AmatoF. TaroniL. MorlacchiF. Mosca + Article (author) -
Is obesity a genetic disease? Human obese transcriptome analysis in monozygotic twins 2017 S. ZapperiC. La Porta + Article (author) -
Is obesity associated with altered energy expenditure? 2016 S. BertoliA. Battezzati + Article (author) -
Is ontology-based activity recognition really effective? 2011 D. RiboniL. PareschiC. Bettini + Book Part (author) -
Is Open Source Software about Innovation? Collaborations with the Open Source Community and Innovation Performance of Software Entrepreneurial Ventures 2012 F. Rentocchini + Article (author) -
Is operators’ experience more important than the ablation technique in image-guided thermal ablations? 2017 G. MauriL.M. Sconfienza Article (author) -
Is oral morphine still the first choice opioid for moderate to severe cancer pain? A systematic review within the European Palliative Care Research Collaborative guidelines project 2011 Caraceni A + Article (author) -
Is Orthodontic Treatment with Microperforations Worth It? A Scoping Review 2022 Maspero, CinziaCappella, AnnalisaDolci, ClaudiaCagetti, Maria GraziaSforza, Chiarella + Article (author) -
Is oxycodone/naloxone effective and safe in managing chronic pain of a fragile elderly patient with multiple skin ulcers of the lower limbs? A case report 2015 Perna S. + Article (author) -
Is oxygenation related to the decomposition of organic matter in cryoconite holes? 2021 Ambrosini R. + Article (author) -
Is pancreatic gland affected in patients with septic shock? 2011 A. BarassiG.V. Melzi d’Eril + Article (author) -
Is panic disorder associated with clinical severity of fibromyalgia? A preliminary study in a tertiary-care centre 2016 Sarzi-Puttini, Piercarlo + Article (author) -
Is paracetamol better than placebo for knee and hip osteoarthritis? A Cochrane review summary with commentary 2020 Negrini S. + Article (author) -
Is parameter T staging influenced by tumor behavior? 2018 A. Baisi Article (author) -
Is Parental Divorce Homogamy Associated With a Higher Risk of Separation From Cohabitation and Marriage? 2021 Emanuela Struffolino + Article (author) -
Is partial conduction block in multifocal motor neuropathy a dynamic entity? 1996 E. Nobile-OrazioG. Scarlato + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 137.933 a 137.952 di 289.872
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