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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
J shaped hip onlay graft as alternative to Le Fort I osteotomy for the treatment of sagittal discrepancies in the maxillary atrophies 2011 C. MaioranaG.B. GrossiA.E. Borgonovo + Article (author) -
J Wave, QRS Slurring and ST Elevation in Athletes with Cardiac Arrest in the Absence of Heart Disease : Marker of Risk, or Innocent Bystander? 2010 L. De Ambroggi + Article (author) -
J-Aggregates Granting Giant Second-Order NLO Responses in Self-Assembled Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Materials 2001 E. CariatiR. UgoD. Robertoa. Sironi + Article (author) -
J-Calc : a Typed Lambda Calculus for Intuitionistic Justification Logic 2014 G. Primiero + Article (author) -
J-DFA: A novel approach for robust differential fault analysis 2015 L. MagriS. Mella + Book Part (author) -
J-embeddable reducible surfaces 2011 A. Alzati + Article (author) -
J. Addison. Una strada inaugurata da Locke 2011 M. Mazzocut-Mis Book Part (author) -
J. Agnew, Place and Politics in Modern Italy 2005 M. Barisione Article (author) -
J. Andreau et alii, Musarna I, Les trésors monétaires, EFR 2002 2005 A. Savio Article (author) -
J. Bolyai, La scienza assoluta dello spazio 2009 P. Valore Article (author) -
J. Butler, Vite precarie 2005 C. Del Frate Article (author) -
J. Chaisse (a cura di), China's International Investment Strategy. Bilateral, Regional and Global Law and Policy. Oxford University Press, International Economic Law Series, New York, 2019 2019 Zulberti Article (author) -
J. Cohen, Churchill and the Jews 2007 E. SCARPELLINI Article (author) -
J. Cohen, Churchill and the Jews, London – New York, Frank Cass, 2003 2007 Emanuela Scarpellini Article (author) -
J. D. Salinger y Horacio Castellanos Moya: los Aragón a contraluz de los Glass 2018 PLEITEZ VELA T Book Part (author) -
J. Eekelaar & M. Maclean, Reader on Family Law, Oxford University Press, 1994 1997 R. Bosisio Article (author) -
J. Elay and A.G. Elay, The Coinage of the Phoenician City of Tyre in the Persian Period (5th – 4th cent. BCE) 2010 A. Cavagna Article (author) -
J. F. Herbart, Le points principaux de la métaphysique, introduit, traduit et annoté par C. Maigné, Vrin, Paris 2005 2006 R. Pettoello Article (author) -
J. G. Fichte, Discorsi alla nazione tedesca, a cura di G. Rametta 2005 Bacin, S. Article (author) -
J. Goldsmith, T. Wu, Who controls the internet? : illusions of a borderless world, New York : Oxford University Press, 2006 2007 S. Poier Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 139.159 a 139.178 di 288.540
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