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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Human MICAL1 : Activation by the small GTPase Rab8 and small-angle X-ray scattering studies on the oligomerization state of MICAL1 and its complex with Rab8 2019 Vanoni, Maria A. + Article (author) -
Human Micro- and Macrovascular Endothelial Cells Exposed to Simulated Microgravity Upregulate hsp70 2009 M. MariottiJ.A.M. Maier Article (author) -
Human microbiota in health and disease 2012 L. Drago + Article (author) -
Human migration into Europe during the late Early Pleistocene climate transition 2010 G. Muttoni + Article (author) -
Human milk : composition and health benefits 2017 Mosca, FabioGiannì, Maria Lorella Article (author) -
Human Milk and Lactation 2020 ML GiannìD. MorniroliM. E. BettinelliF. Mosca Article (author) -
Human Milk Fatty Acid Composition and Its Effect on Preterm Infants' Growth Velocity 2023 Marino, MirkoPerna, Simone + Article (author) -
Human milk feeding and preterm infants’ growth and body composition : A literature review 2020 Cerasani J.Ceroni F.De Cosmi V.Mazzocchi A.Morniroli D.Mosca F.Agostoni C.Giannì M. L. + Article (author) -
Human milk feeding in preterm infants: What has been done and what is to be done 2020 Verduci E.Gianni ML.Di Benedetto A. Article (author) -
Human milk feeding prevents retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in preterm VLBW neonates 2013 F. MoscaL. Pugni + Article (author) -
Human milk oligosaccharides: an enzymatic protection step simplifies the synthesis of 3 '- and 6 '-O-sialyllactose and their analogues 2002 L. PolettiL. Lay + Article (author) -
Human milk protein vs. formula protein and their use in preterm infants 2019 Gianni, Maria L.Mosca, Fabio + Article (author) -
Human milk, more than simple nourishment 2021 Vizzari G.Morniroli D.Ceroni F.Verduci E.Consales A.Cerasani J.Mosca F.Gianni M. L. + Article (author) -
Human mobile populations and skin diseases 2007 S. Veraldi Conference Object -
Human mobility model based on time-varying bipartite graph 2011 M. Zignani Book Part (author) -
Human Monkeypox Experience in a Tertiary Level Hospital in Milan, Italy, between May and October 2022: Epidemiological Features and Clinical Characteristics 2023 Rizzo, AlbertoGagliardi, GloriaMileto, DavideGismondo, Maria Rita + Article (author) -
Human monoclonal anti-endothelial cell IgG-derived from a systemic lupus erythematosus patient binds and activates human endothelium in vitro 2001 E. RaschiM. O. BorghiP. L. Meroni + Article (author) -
Human monocyte chemotactic activity of calcitonin and somatostatin related peptides: modulation by chronic peptide treatment 1990 P. SACERDOTEM. BIANCHIA.E PANERAI Article (author) -
Human monocyte-derived and CD34+ cell-derived dendritic cells express functional receptors for platelet activating factor 1997 R. BonecchiA. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 114.016 a 114.035 di 290.223
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