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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Hydrosonography of the gastrointestinal tract 2009 G. MaconiE. RadiceG. Bianchi Porro + Article (author) -
Hydrostatic strain enhancement in laterally confined SiGe nanostripes 2013 N. ManiniL. CaramellaG. Onida + Article (author) -
Hydrostratigraphy of the Pleistocene succession of the upper Agri intermontane basin (Basilicata) 2004 I. ZemboR. BersezioF. FellettiM. Giudici + Book Part (author) -
Hydrostratigraphy of the Pleistocene – Holocene succession of the southern Lambro Valley (Lombardy) 2004 R. BersezioA. BiniF. Felletti + Book Part (author) -
Hydrotalcite and nanometric silica as finishing additives to enhance the thermal stability and flame retardancy of cotton 2011 J. Alongi + Article (author) -
Hydrotherapy in Europe : an old science for a modern medicine 2009 U. Solimene Book Part (author) -
Hydrothermal "route" to pure phase ZrO2. Interfacial reactivity by XPS and electrochemical determinations 1994 S. Ardizzone + Article (author) -
Hydrothermal dolomites in SW Sardinia (Italy) and Cantabria (NW Spain): Evidence for late- to post-Variscan widespread fluid-flow events 2000 Gasparrini M. + Article (author) -
Hydrothermal origin of manganese in the high-pressure ophiolite metasediments of Praborna ore deposit (Aosta Valley, Western Alps) 2010 S. Tumiati + Article (author) -
Hydrothermal preparation of goethite crystals 1985 S. ArdizzoneL. Formaro Article (author) -
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Novel Hydroxo Stannate: Sr2Sn(OH)8 2000 D.M. Proserpio + Article (author) -
Hydrous Carbonatitic Liquids Drive CO2 Recycling From Subducted Marls and Limestones 2020 Poli S. + Book Part (author) -
Hydrous hydrazine decomposition for hydrogen production using of ir/ceo2: Effect of reaction parameters on the activity 2021 Barlocco I.Bellomi S.Villa A. + Article (author) -
Hydrous mafic-ultramafic intrusives at the roots of a proto-arc: implications for crust building and mantle source heterogeneity in young forearc regions 2022 A. Secchiari + Article (author) -
Hydrous mafic-ultramafic intrusives in a nascent arc (Massif du Sud, New Caledonia ophiolite) 2021 SECCHIARI A + Article (author) -
Hydrous phases in the early hydration of cements 2005 M. MerliniG. Artioli + Article (author) -
Hydrous pyrolysis of polystyrene 1997 P. Carniti + Article (author) -
Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives: From Synthetic Strategies to Medicinal Chemistry Applications 2021 Citarella A. + Article (author) -
Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives: From Synthetic Strategies to Medicinal Chemistry Applications 2021 Andrea Citarella + Article (author) -
Hydroxamic Acid-Based Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors bearing a pyrazole scaffold and a cinnamoyl linker 2019 Citarella A. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 113.956 a 113.975 di 288.513
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