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g factor measurements on relativistic isomeric beams produced by fragmentation and U-fission : the g-rising project at GSI 2007 G. BenzoniA. BraccoF. CameraF.C.L. CrespiD. Montanari + Article (author) -
g factor of the 12 + K-isomer in 174 W 2020 Bottoni S.Ceruti S.Avigo R.Bocchi G.Bracco A.Camera F.Capra S.Crespi F. C. L.Gamba E. R.Giaz A.Leoni S.Pellegri L. + Article (author) -
G gamma and A gamma globin chains separation and quantitation by isoelectric focusing 1979 A.M. GianniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
G protein inhibitors unravel Gq-dependent adenylyl cyclase activation in CHO-M1 cells 2017 C. MateraC. DallanoceM. De Amici + Article (author) -
G protein mutations in endocrine diseases 2001 Lania A.Mantovani G.Spada A. Article (author) -
G protein oncogenes in acromegaly 1992 A. SpadaL. Vallar Article (author) -
G protein oncogenes in pituitary tumors 1992 Spada A:Vallar L. + Article (author) -
G protein-coupled receptor 17 is regulated by WNT pathway during oligodendrocyte precursor cell differentiation 2023 Boccazzi, MartaMarangon, DavideLecca, DavideFumagalli, MartaAbbracchio, Maria P + Article (author) -
G protein-dependent activation of phospholipase C by adenosine A(3) receptors in rat brain 1995 M. AbbracchioS. CerutiF. Cattabeni + Article (author) -
G protein-mediated signal transduction is affected in primary biliary cirrhosis 2006 E.A. LesmaV. GrandeA.M. Di GiulioP. CastellanaA. CerriA. Gorio + Article (author) -
G proteins and hormonal signalling in human pituitary tumors: genetic mutations and functional alterations 1993 A. SpadaL. Vallar + Article (author) -
G × e interaction and neurodevelopment I. Focus on maltreatment 2012 Brambilla P. + Article (author) -
G × e interaction and neurodevelopment II : focus on adversities in paediatric depression: the moderating role of serotonin transporte 2013 P. Brambilla + Article (author) -
The G-174G genotype in the promoter of the interleukin-6 gene is associated with insulin resistance 2005 A.E. Pontiroli + Article (author) -
G-actin conformational change and polymerization induced by paraquat 1998 I. Dalle DonneA. Milzani + Article (author) -
G-CSF (filgrastim) treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Protocol for a phase II randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group, multicentre clinical study (STEMALS-II trial) 2020 Tarella C. + Article (author) -
G-CSF administration following peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) autograft in lymphoid malignancies: evidence for clinical benefits and reduction of treatment costs 1998 C. TarellaP. Corradini + Article (author) -
G-CSF administration in acute myocardial infarction: what is the best timing? 2011 G. Pompilio + Article (author) -
G-CSF after autologous hemopoietic stem cell transplantation in malignant lymphoma 1998 G. Lambertenghi DeliliersD. SoligoE. Pozzoli + Article (author) -
G-CSF and cartilage fragments. A potential new strategy for increasing chondrocyte outgrowth for one-stage repair. In vitro study 2012 G.M. Peretti + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 99.757 a 99.776 di 288.538
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