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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
rAAV/Her-2/neu loading of dendritic cells for a potent cellular-mediated MHC class I restricted immune response against ovarian cancer 1-dic-2008 N. Gagliano + Article (author) -
Radiomic analysis of the optic nerve at the first episode of acute optic neuritis: an indicator of optic nerve pathology and a predictor of visual recovery? 1-gen-2021 Gibelli D.Floridi C. + Article (author) -
Rapid palatal expansion effects on mandibular transverse dimensions in unilateral posterior crossbite patients : a three-dimensional digital imaging study 1-dic-2016 A. UgoliniL. T. Huanca GhislanzoniA. MapelliC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Rapid resolution of allergic contact dermatitis to nickel after intermaxillary fixation removal 1-gen-2010 P.D.M. PigattoC. Sforza + Article (author) -
The rat abducens nucleus: a histo- and immunohistochemical study 1-gen-1994 STACCHIOTTI, Alessandra + Article (author) -
Rat liver structure : circadian rhythm of some morphometric parameters 1-gen-1993 C. DolciF. CarandenteL. VizzottoA. Montaruli + Book Part (author) -
Rating of perceived exertion in active young people: Effect of chronotype 1-set-2019 A. MulèL. GalassoL. CastelliM. BorrelliA. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Re: Nickel chromium and iron levels in the saliva of patients with simulated fixed orthodontic appliances 1-gen-2008 P.D. PigattoC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Real complete three-dimensional reconstruction of Golgi impregnated neurons by means of a confocal laser scanning microscope 1-gen-1993 A. MianiG. Pizzini + Article (author) -
Real-Time Ex-Vivo MR Image-Guided Dissection of Human Brain White-Matter: A Proof-of-Principle Study 1-mag-2019 La Corte, EmanueleGRECO, ELENAROSSINI, ZEFFERINONICOLOSI, FEDERICOBauer, DarioSerrao, Graziano + Article (author) -
Reanimation of the paralyzed lids by cross-face nerve graft and platysma transfer 1-mar-2018 F. BiglioliM. ZagoF. AlleviD. CiprandiV. PucciarelliI. PacificiC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Receptors for neurotrophins in the rat hippocampus : circadian variations of the trkB expression 1-gen-1999 C. DolciI. BarajonA. MontaruliE. RovedaF. Carandente + Article (author) -
Recognition of children on age-different images : Facial morphology and age-stable features 1-gen-2017 Z. CaplovaD.M. GibelliZ. ObertováP. PoppaC. SforzaC. Cattaneo + Article (author) -
Red wine polyphenols prevent cyclosporine-induced nephrotoxicity at the level of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway 1-gen-2009 R. Bianchi + Article (author) -
Reduced biliary sterol output with no change in total faecal excretion in mice expressing a human apolipoprotein A-I variant 1-gen-2012 Parolini C.Caligari S.Gilio D.Manzini S.Busnelli M.Diani E.Giavarini F.Caruso D.Sirtori C. R.Chiesa G. + Article (author) -
Reduced collagenolytic activity of matrix metalloproteinases and development of liver fibrosis in the aging rat 1-feb-2002 N. GaglianoB. ArosioC. Vergani + Article (author) -
Reduced neuromuscular performance in night shift orthopedic nurses : new insights from a combined electromyographic and force signals approach 30-giu-2020 Cè, EmilianoDoria, ChristianRoveda, ElianaMontaruli, AngelaGalasso, LetiziaCastelli, LuciaMulè, AntoninoLongo, StefanoCoratella, GiuseppeBanfi, GiuseppeEsposito, Fabio + Article (author) -
Regional patterns of fluid and fat accumulation in patients with lower extremity lymphedema using agnetic resonance angiography 1-nov-2020 Panzeri, MartaSoresina, MassimoMenozzi, AndreaGibelli, Daniele + Article (author) -
Registration of dental arch models in 3D facial volumes : an alternative to CBCT acquisitions 1-gen-2013 D.G. TommasiM. CodariG.M. TartagliaC. Dolci + Article (author) -
Regressive modifications of climbing fibres following Purkinje cell degeneration in the cerebellar cortex of the adult rat 1-apr-1993 T. Borsello + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1.441 a 1.460 di 1.891
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