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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Hand Motion Analysis for skills assessment in Ultrasound examinations 1-lug-2017 I. PacificiF. CaputoC. SforzaD. CiprandiCASAMASSIMA, ANDREA ALFREDOM. Zago + Conference Object -
Harmonic analysis and clustering of facial profiles 1-gen-1992 V.F. FerrarioC. SforzaA. Miani + Article (author) -
Harmonic analysis of footprint symmetry in healthy adolescents 1-gen-2000 C. SforzaG. SerraoV.F. Ferrario + Article (author) -
Harmonic analysis of mandibular form and symmetry using computerized tomographic views 1-gen-2000 V.F. FerrarioC. SforzaG.M. TartagliaG. Serrao + Article (author) -
Harmonic analysis of mandibular form and symmetry with computerized tomographic views 1-gen-2000 Ferrario V. F.Sforza C.Tartaglia G. M.Serrao G. + Article (author) -
Harmonic analysis of mandibular shape 1-gen-1996 C. SforzaG. SerraoM. Bignotto + Article (author) -
Head posture and cephalometric analyses: An integrated photographic/radiographic technique 1-set-1994 Ferrario V. F.Sforza C.Miani Jr. A. + Article (author) -
Healing of human extraction sockets filled with Bio-Oss 1-apr-2003 D. Carmagnola + Article (author) -
Heavy load eccentric muscle training in chronic patellar tendinopathy 1-gen-2011 M.C. Turci + Book Part (author) -
Hepatic Macrosteatosis Is Partially Converted to Microsteatosis by Melatonin Supplementation in ob/ob Mice Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 1-gen-2016 STACCHIOTTI, Alessandra + Article (author) -
Hepatocyte-specific PPAP2B ablation increases plasma levels of several minor pro-atherogenic lipid species and worsens atherosclerosis in apoE(-/-) MICE 1-gen-2016 M. BusnelliS. ManziniC. ParoliniG.S. GanzettiF. DelleraG. Chiesa + Article (author) -
Heterogeneity and bipotency of astroglial-like cerebellar progenitors along the interneuron and glial lineages 1-gen-2015 Rolando C. + Article (author) -
Heterogeneous expression of SNAP-25 in rat and human brain 1-gen-2008 A. AmadeoM. Matteoli + Article (author) -
High intensity interval Training (HIIT) and actigraphy-based sleep behaviour in soccer players: the chronotype effect 1-gen-2016 J.A. VitaleM. BonatoL. GalassoE. RovedaA. MontaruliA. La TorreF. Carandente Article (author) -
High-density lipoprotein deficiency in genetically modified mice deeply affects skin morphology : A structural and ultrastructural study 1-gen-2015 F. ArnaboldiM. BusnelliL. CornaghiS. ManziniC. ParoliniF. DelleraG. GanzettiC. SirtoriE. DonettiG. Chiesa Article (author) -
High-resolution ultrasound anatomy of extrinsic carpal ligaments [Anatomia ecografica ad alta risoluzione dei legamenti estrinseci del carpo] 1-gen-2008 L. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
High-resolution ultrasound of the extrinsic carpal ligaments 1-dic-2012 L.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
Histo-Pathological Assessment of Zinc Oxide Eugenol Canal Sealer on Periodontal Tissues: Three Case Reports 7-ago-2020 Toma MarilisaCacciatore GiorgioCanciani ElenaPellegrini GaiaRasperini GiulioGalliera EmanuelaDellavia Claudia + Article (author) -
Histochemical detection of mucus secreting cells in a stabilized in vitro CACO2/HT-29 co-culture model 23-set-2017 E. DonettiL. CornaghiA. FerrarettoM. Bottani Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 789 a 808 di 1.891
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