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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
E-Cadherin in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: A Multifaceted Actor during EMT 22-apr-2020 Sommariva, MicheleGagliano, Nicoletta Article (author) -
Early cytotoxic effects of ochratoxin A in rat liver: a morphological, biochemical and molecular study 1-gen-2006 N. GaglianoI. Dalle DonneA. MilzaniA.A.E. BertelliM. Gioia + Article (author) -
Early diagnosed impacted maxillary canines and the morphology of the maxilla: a three-dimensional study 1-gen-2018 G. CacciatoreC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Early epidermal response after a single dose of gamma-rays in organotypic culture of human breast skin 1-gen-2005 E.B. DonettiM. BedoniA. BertelliC. SforzaN. Gagliano + Article (author) -
Early response in human breast skin cultures after a single dose of gamma rays 1-gen-2005 E. DonettiM. BedoniC. TorriA.A.E. BertelliC. SforzaN. Gagliano Article (author) -
Echo intensity reliability between two rectus femoris probe sites 1-gen-2019 Rabello da Silva R. + Article (author) -
Echo Intensity Reliability From Two Ultrasound Systems 1-gen-2020 Rabello da Silva R. + Article (author) -
Ecto-mesenchymal stem cells from dental pulp are committed to differentiate into active melanocytes 1-gen-2010 Paino, Francesca + Article (author) -
Ectopic Purkinje cells in the adult rat: Olivary innervation and different capabilities of migration and development after grafting 1-gen-1993 T. Borsello + Article (author) -
Educational impact of hand motion analysis in the evaluation of FAST examination skills 1-dic-2020 Chiarella SforzaMatteo Zago + Article (author) -
Efectos metabolicos y cardiovasculares inmediatos a la estimulacion electrica funcional en atletas jovenes no profesionales 1-gen-2005 G.C. RoioneG. MichielonG. MeratiPETRUCCIOLI, MARIA GRAZIA Book Part (author) -
Effect of a Collagen-Based Compound on Morpho-Functional Properties of Cultured Human Tenocytes 1-dic-2018 Alessandra MenonFabio SciancaleporeMarco BrioschiNicoletta Gagliano + Article (author) -
Effect of a psoriatic microenvironment in a three-dimensional model of normal human skin 1-set-2013 E. DonettiL. CornaghiM. Bedoni + Conference Object -
Effect of a topical treatment in organotypic culture of human breast skin after exposure to gamma rays 1-gen-2007 N. GaglianoM. BedoniC. TorriE. Donetti + Article (author) -
Effect of acetylsalicylic acid on inflamed adipose tissue. Insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis in a mouse model of diet-induced obesity 1-gen-2020 Sardi C.Camelliti S.Sfondrini L.Sommariva M.Rumio C. + Article (author) -
Effect of aerobic exercise intervention on markers of insulin resistance in breast cancer women 1-mar-2018 E. BrunoE. RovedaJ. VitaleA. MontaruliL. GalassoA. CaumoF. Carandente + Article (author) -
The effect of aging on lip dimensions : a three-dimensional evaluation in a healthy group 1-gen-2008 R. RosatiM. De MenezesA. ColomboC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Effect of Baskin on sleep quality in adolescent with Down syndrome 1-ott-2018 L. CastelliA. MulèL. GalassoG. MeratiS. RampichiniA. CaumoA. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda + Article (author) -
Effect of Bio-Oss with or without platelet-derived growth factor on bone formation by "guided tissue regeneration" : a pilot study in rats 1-dic-2005 D. Carmagnola + Article (author) -
Effect of chronic administration of ochratoxin A and of natural antioxidant compounds on rat kidney cortex collagen turnover 1-gen-2005 N. GaglianoE. DonettiA.E.E. BertelliC. TorriM. Gioia + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 528 a 547 di 1.891
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