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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Balance control during the execution of traditional Karate techniques 1-gen-2009 L. FusiniY.F. ShiraiA. MapelliD. GalanteC. Sforza Conference Object -
Balance during one-leg stance in primary school children 1-gen-2007 M. Turci + Article (author) -
Ball throwing task as a test to evaluate eye-hand coordination in children 1-gen-2010 M.B. VianiM.C. Turci + Article (author) -
Balneoterapia marina : effetti cardiocircolatori e analisi della variabilità del ritmo cardiaco [russo] 1-gen-2005 G. MeratiU. SolimeneG. PizziniA. Veicsteinas + Article (author) -
Basi anatomiche della postura corporea: Metodi e applicazioni 1-gen-2008 Sforza C.Ferrario V. F. Article (author) -
Behavioral and degeneration changes in the basal forebrain systems of aged rats : a quantitative study in the region of the basal forebrain after levo-acetyl-carnitine treatments assessed by Abercrombie estimation 1-gen-2009 P. DucaI. GrittiM. MariottiM. Vertemati + Article (author) -
Beneficial Components of white wine 1-gen-2005 Alberto A.E. Bertelli Book (author) -
Biceps brachii muscle fatigue during isometric contraction: is antagonist muscle fatigue a key factor? 1-gen-2013 N. LovecchioC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Bilateral blindness in a patient with temporal arteritis after wisdom tooth extraction 23-mar-2016 G.M. TartagliaC. MaioranaC. Sforza Article (author) -
Binge Eating Disorder : What Is the Role of Physical Activity Associated with Dietary and Psychological Treatment? 25-nov-2020 Letizia GalassoAngela MontaruliLucia CastelliAntonino MulèAndrea CaumoEliana RovedaFabio Esposito + Article (author) -
Bioactive components from antartic krill exert anti-atherosclerotic activity in apoE-deficient mice 1-dic-2016 G. ChiesaS. ManziniM. BusnelliC. Parolini + Article (author) -
Biocompatibility and histologic evaluation of the osseointegration of dental implants coating with titanium niobium nitride 1-gen-2016 Elena CancianiClaudia Dellavia + Article (author) -
Biocompatibility and manageability of a new fixable bone graft for the treatment of localized bone defect: preliminary study in a dog model 1-gen-2008 C. DellaviaM. Simion + Article (author) -
Biological maturation affects standing balance in young soccer players 1-set-2019 F. BertozziM. ZagoA. P. MoorheadC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Biological rhythm and chronotype : new perspectives in health 24-mar-2021 A. MontaruliL. CastelliA. Mule'R. ScuratiF. EspositoL. GalassoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Biomechanical model of the human mandible : a hypothesis involving stabilizing activity of the superior belly of lateral pterygoid muscle 1-gen-1992 V.F. FerrarioC. Sforza Article (author) -
Biomechanical model of the human mandible in unilateral clench: Distribution of TMJ reaction forces between working and balancing sides 1-gen-1994 V.F. FerrarioC. Sforza Article (author) -
Blocking ADAM10 synaptic trafficking generates a model of sporadic Alzheimer's disease 1-nov-2010 R. EpisE. MarcelloF. GardoniM. MalinvernoM. Dell'AgliF. CattabeniT. BorselloM. Di Luca + Article (author) -
Blood and sperm traces on human hair. a study on preservation and detection after 3-month outdoor exposure 1-gen-2021 G. CacciaA. CappellaM. CaccianigaC. Cattaneo + Article (author) -
Blood fetal microchimerism in primary biliary cirrhosis 1-dic-2000 S.M. SirchiaP.M. BattezzatiM. ZuinF. RossellaF. PeregoM. BignottoM. Podda + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 267 a 286 di 1.891
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