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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
3. Symposium of cellular biology of epithelia : atti del convegno (6 novembre 2006) 1-feb-2008 E.B. DonettiN. GaglianoC. Sforza Book (editor) -
A 3D analysis of body movements during a golf swing 1-gen-2005 C. SforzaN. LovecchioD. GalanteG. Grandi + Article (author) -
A 3D analysis of circular swings on the men’s competition mushroom 1-gen-2005 M. TurciN. LovecchioV.F. FerrarioC. Sforza + Book Part (author) -
3D analysis of finger movements during piano playing 1-gen-2005 V.F. FerrarioN. LovecchioY.F. Shirai + Article (author) -
3D analysis of hard palate in down syndrome subjects 1-gen-2005 C. DellaviaF. MianA. PallaveraF. OrlandoR. Rosati Article (author) -
3D analysis of smiling function in healthy people: influence of sex and age 1-gen-2020 Gibelli, DanieleDolci, ClaudiaBiglioli, FedericoSforza, Chiarella + Article (author) -
3D Analysis of traditional karate kicks and postural sway in black belt karateka 1-gen-2010 M.C. TurciD. GalanteC. Sforza + Article (author) -
3D comparison of dental arch stability in patients with and without cleft lip and palate after orthodontic/rehabilitative treatment 1-gen-2019 MENEZES, Márcio deSFORZA, Chiarella + Article (author) -
3D Craniofacial Morphometric Analysis of Young Subjects with Marfan Syndrome: A Preliminary Report 1-gen-2015 C. DolciV. PucciarelliM. CodariD.M. GibelliS. MarelliC. Sforza + Book Part (author) -
3D evaluation of maxillary arches in unilateral cleft lip and palate patients treated with nasoalveolar moulding vs. Hotz's plate 1-gen-2015 M. De MenezesC. Sforza + Article (author) -
3D facial features in Andersen-Tawil syndrome: a family report 1-gen-2015 C. DolciV. PucciarelliV.F. FerrarioV. Sansone Article (author) -
3D Facial morphology in children affected by spinal muscular atrophy type 2 (SMAII) 1-ott-2020 Pucciarelli, ValentinaGibelli, DanieleBertoli, SimonaDe Amicis, RamonaCodari, MarinaDolci, ClaudiaBattezzati, AlbertoSforza, Chiarella + Article (author) -
3D facial morphometry in Italian patients affected by Aicardi syndrome 1-ott-2020 Daniele GibelliClaudia DolciAnnalisa CappellaPierangelo VeggiottiChiarella Sforza + Article (author) -
3D hard tissue palatal size and shape in 6-year old subjects affected by hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia 1-gen-2006 C. Dellavia + Article (author) -
3D morphometric evaluation of craniofacial features in adult subjects with Marfan syndrome 1-gen-2016 C. DolciV. PucciarelliM. CodariS. MarelliC. Sforza + Book Part (author) -
3D morphometric evaluation of the dental arches in children with cleft lip and palate submitted to different surgical techniques 1-feb-2022 Sforza C.de Menezes M. + Article (author) -
3D morphometric evaluation of the face in Marfan syndrome: a better definition of dysmorphic features 1-set-2017 C. DolciV. PucciarelliV..F. FerrarioD. Gibelli + Article (author) -
A 3D non invasive study of trunk movements during ergometer rowing 1-gen-2006 C. SforzaD. GalanteN. LovecchioD.G. Tommasi + Article (author) -
3D quantitative analysis of early decomposition changes of the human face 1-mar-2018 Z. CaplovaD. M. GibelliP. PoppaM. CummaudoZ. ObertovaC. SforzaC. Cattaneo Article (author) -
3D Quantitative and Ultrastructural Analysis of Mitochondria in a Model of Doxorubicin Sensitive and Resistant Human Colon Carcinoma Cells 1-set-2019 Moscheni, ClaudiaCastiglioni, SaraDe Palma, ClaraSartori, PatriziaLocatelli, LauraMaier, Jeanette A + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 1.891
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