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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Tackling unresolved questions in forest ecology : the past and future role of simulation models 2021 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Temperature and masting control Norway spruce growth, but with high individual tree variability 2019 Vacchiano G. + Article (author) -
Temporal Dynamics of Root Reinforcement in European Spruce Forests 2021 Giorgio Vacchiano + Article (author) -
The effect of chestnut coppice forests abandon on slope stability : a case study 2013 C. VerganiE.A. ChiaradiaG.B. Bischetti + Conference Object -
Tree mortality submodels drive simulated long-term forest dynamics: assessing 15 models from the stand to global scale 2019 Vacchiano G. + Article (author) -
Two centuries of masting data for European beech and Norway spruce across the European continent 2017 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Urban forests at the time of COVID-19 protect us from fine dust = Le foreste urbane ai tempi del COVID-19 ci proteggono dalle polveri sottili 2020 Vacchiano, G + Article (author) -
Vaia storm facing the unbearable lightness of forest reporting 2021 G Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Vegetative regeneration of beech coppices for biomass in Piedmont, NW Italy 2017 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Voluntary carbon credits from improved forest management : policy guidelines and case study 2018 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
A walk on the wild side : disturbance dynamics and the conservation and management of European mountain forest ecosystems 2017 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
What is the future for agroforestry in Italy? 2019 Ragaglini G. + Article (author) -
Which practices co-deliver food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and combat land degradation and desertification? 2020 Vizzarri, Matteo + Article (author) -
With great power comes great responsibility: an analysis of sustainable forest management quantitative indicators in the DPSIR framework 2021 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Words apart: Standardizing forestry terms and definitions across European biodiversity studies 2023 Giorgio Vacchiano + Article (author) -
World scientists' warning to humanity : a second notice 2017 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Wrong premises mislead the conclusions by Kallio et al. on forest reference levels in the EU 2018 Vizzarri, M + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 167 a 183 di 183
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