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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Fire severity, residuals and soil legacies affect regeneration of Scots pine in the Southern Alps 2014 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Fire-smart solutions for sustainable wildfire risk prevention: Bottom-up initiatives meet top-down policies under EU green deal 2023 Oggioni S. D. + Article (author) -
Forest carbon allocation modelling under climate change 2019 Vacchiano G. + Article (author) -
Forest disturbances under climate change 2017 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Forest dynamics and disturbance regimes in the Italian Apennines 2017 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Forest Ecosystem Services: Issues and Challenges for Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management in Italy 2015 Vizzarri, M + Article (author) -
Forest ecosystems functionality evaluation by multiscale and multitemporal analysis of ecological network 2015 Vizzarri, Matteo + Article (author) -
Forest reference levels under Regulation (EU) 2018/841 for the period 2021-2025 : Overview and main findings of the technical assessment 2020 VIZZARRI Matteo + Book (author) -
Forests and forest-wood system in Italy: towards a new strategy to address local and global challenges 2018 Vacchiano, G + Article (author) -
Forging fire-resilient landscapes: fire-smart solutions for sustainable wildfire risk prevention 2023 Oggioni S + Conference Object -
Fostering nature conservation: issues and challenges for forest governance from landscape to European scale 2017 Vizzarri M + Conference Object -
Frequent coppicing deteriorates the conservation status of black alder forests in the Po plain (northern Italy) 2016 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
From cell to landscape: a multiscale framework to study the climate change effects on forest ecosystems 2017 Vizzarri M + Conference Object -
From theory to experiments for testing the proximate mechanisms of mast seeding: an agenda for an experimental ecology 2020 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Frontiers for forest conservation: securing the future ecosystem services balance 2018 Vizzarri M + Book Part (author) -
Generalized biomass and leaf area allometric equations for European tree species incorporating stand structure, tree age and climate 2017 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Geographical adaptation prevails over species-specific determinism in trees' vulnerability to climate change at Mediterranean rear-edge forests 2019 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Gli ambienti forestali del Parco Naturale del Mont Avic 2007 Michele D'Amico + Book (author) -
Gli incendi boschivi stanno cambiando: cambiamo le strategie per governarli 2017 Vacchiano, G + Article (author) -
A global deforestation footprint from production and consumption of primary goods  2021 Giorgio Vacchiano + Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 58 a 77 di 183
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