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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Waste grape skins : evaluation of safety aspects for the production of functional powders and extracts for the food sector 2016 V. Lavelli + Article (author) -
Water diffusion in chemical and physical polysaccharidic gels 2008 L. Piazza + Book Part (author) -
Water sorption, drying and antioxidant properties of dried tomato products 2002 G. GiovanelliV. Lavelli + Article (author) -
Water transport properties of cellophane flexible films intended for food packaging applications 2002 L. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Water vapor barrier properties of wheat gluten/silica hybrid coatings on paperboard for food packaging applications 2020 Rovera C.Farris S. + Article (author) -
Wavelengths selection with a view to a simplified handheld optical system to estimate grape ripeness 2013 C. MalegoriR. BeghiV. GiovenzanaR. CivelliR. GuidettiE. Casiraghi Book Part (author) -
Wear effects on microscopic morphology and hyaluronan uptake in siloxane-hydrogel contact lenses 2015 M. AscagniS. Farris + Article (author) -
"Wetting Enhancer" Pullulan Coating for Antifog Packaging Applications 2012 L. IntrozziC.L.M. BianchiA. SchiraldiL. PiergiovanniS. Farris + Article (author) -
Wetting of Biopolymer Coatings: Contact Angle Kinetics and Image Analysis Investigation 2011 S. FarrisL. IntrozziA. SchiraldiL. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
What can play the role of gluten in gluten free pasta? 2013 A. MartiM.A. Pagani Article (author) -
Wheat Bran Sourdough as a Functional Ingredient 2012 F. ManiniM. DecimoD. ErbaM.C. Casiraghi + Book Part (author) -
Wheat flour : chemistry and biochemistry 2014 F. Bonomi + Book Part (author) -
Wheat flour granulometry determines colour perception 2014 A. HidalgoL. Fongaro + Article (author) -
Wheat germ : not only a by-product 2012 A.M. Hidalgo Vidal + Article (author) -
Wheat germ stabilisation: heat treatment or sourdough fermentation? An industrial case 2012 G. BottegaA. MartiS. LimboM.A. Pagani + Book Part (author) -
Wheat germ stabilization by heat-treatment or sourdough fermentation: effects on dough rheology and bread properties 2014 A. MartiM.C. CasiraghiL. FranzettiS. LimboM.A. Pagani + Article (author) -
Wheat milling and flour quality evaluations 2014 M.A. PaganiG. BottegaA. Marti Book Part (author) -
Wheat sprouting: lights and shadows 2018 A. MartiG. CardoneM. A. Pagani Conference Object -
Whey Protein Concentrate and Egg White Powder as Structuring Agents of Double Emulsions for Food Applications 2020 Moriano M. E.Alamprese C. Article (author) -
Whipping and gelling properties of egg as affected by compositional variability 2007 E. CasiraghiC. AlampreseM. Rossi Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 2.842 a 2.861 di 2.884
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