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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
UHPLC quantification of sotolon in white wine 2014 M. GabrielliD. FracassettiA. Tirelli Article (author) -
Ultrafast module-GC for the evaluation of milk fat purity according to the official EU method 2007 V. Pelizzola + Conference Object -
Ultrafiltration and deep-bed filtration of a red-wine 1987 C. PeriM. Rossi + Article (author) -
Ultrasound-assisted extraction of oil from hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.): Part 1 2022 Esposito M.Piazza L. Article (author) -
Ultrasound-assisted extraction of oil from hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.): Part 2 2023 Girotto, FrancescaEsposito, MarilenaPiazza, Laura Article (author) -
Ultrasound-assisted pullulan/Na+-montmorillonite oxygen barrier nanocomposite coatings for food packaging applications 2012 L. IntrozziN. SantoA. SchiraldiL. PiergiovanniS. Farris + Article (author) -
Ultrastructure of experimental infant biscuits and interaction of their digestates with an in vitro model of human small intestine 2018 M. BottaniS. CattaneoA. FerrarettoI. De Noni Article (author) -
Un approccio analitico multiparametro per la tutela della tipicità dei formaggi DOP 2014 S.Cattaneo Article (author) -
Unconscious odor exposure affects food intake and sensory specific appetite in obese subjects 2017 Proserpio C.Laureati M.Pagliarini E. + Conference Object -
Understanding starch organisation in gluten-free pasta from rice flour 2011 A. MartiM.A. Pagani + Article (author) -
Understanding the influence of buckwheat bran on wheat dough baking performance: mechanistic insights from molecular and material science approaches 2017 M. ZanolettiA. MartiM. MarengoS. IamettiM..A. Pagani + Article (author) -
Uniaxial compression of bonded and lubricated gels 1985 E. Casiraghi + Article (author) -
Unripe grapes : an overview of the composition, traditional and innovative applications, and extraction methods of a promising waste of viticulture 2021 Proserpio C. + Article (author) -
The unusual taste and smell of Perilla frutescens : how do European assessors perceive it? 2009 M. LaureatiE. PagliariniS. BurattiA. Bassoli Conference Object -
Unveiling the potential of micronized dehulled sunflower presscake: a breakthrough in sustainable plant-based protein-rich sport beverages 2024 Francesca GirottoGabriella GiovanelliLaura Piazza + Article (author) -
Uova 2014 M. RossiA. Hidalgo Book Part (author) -
Uova e derivati 2009 M. Rossi Conference Object -
Le uova nella pasta fresca, problematiche igieniche e legislative 2009 M. Rossi Conference Object -
L'uovo 2011 C. Alamprese Article (author) -
Upcycling of Agro-Food Chain By-Products to Obtain High-Value-Added Foods 2022 SILVIA GRASSI + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 2.730 a 2.749 di 2.884
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