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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Table olives contamination by mycotoxins 2006 A. VecchioL. Franzetti + Book Part (author) -
Targeted peptides for the quantitative evaluation of casein plasminolysis in drinking milk 2014 S. CattaneoM. StuknyteL. PellegrinoI. De Noni Article (author) -
Targeting glyco-oxidative stress through phenolics extracted from winemaking by-products : a strategy to prevent hyperglycaemia complications 2013 V. Lavelli + Book Part (author) -
Tartary Buckwheat: A New Plant-Based Ingredient to Enrich Corn-Based Gluten-Free Formulations 2021 Marta AppianiNoemi Sofia RabittiCristina ProserpioElla PagliariniMonica Laureati Article (author) -
Taste and smell perception in hospitalized COVID-19 patients : preliminary insights 2021 C. CattaneoS. MambriniC. ProserpioS. BertoliE. Pagliarini + Conference Object -
Taste perception and oral microbiota are associated with obesity in children and adolescents 2019 Mameli, ChiaraCattaneo, CamillaPanelli, SimonaComandatore, FrancescoSangiorgio, AriannaBedogni, GiorgioBandi, ClaudioZuccotti, Gian VincenzoPagliarini, Ella Article (author) -
Taste perception, food neophobia and preferences in vulnerable populations : case study among children and adolescents with obesity and diabetes 2020 C. CattaneoC. MameliG. V. ZuccottiE. Pagliarini Conference Object -
Taste sensitivity and multisensory interactions in relation to the nutritional status 2017 Proserpio C.Pagliarini E. Conference Object -
Taste sensitivity in weight excess and management 2012 M. LaureatiV. BergamaschiS. BertoliA. BattezzatiE. Pagliarini Conference Object -
Taste sensitivity, nutritional status and metabolic syndrome : implication in weight loss dietary interventions 2014 S. BertoliM. LaureatiA. BattezzatiV. BergamaschiE. CeredaA. SpadafrancaL. VignatiE. Pagliarini Article (author) -
Taste, flavor and texture memory: an incidental learning experiment on children, young and elderly people 2007 M. LaureatiE. Pagliarini + Conference Object -
Techno-functionality of different legume flours intended for gluten-free applications 2023 Valeria ImeneoCarola CappaCristina Alamprese Conference Object -
Technological advancements in edible coatings: Emerging trends and applications in sustainable food preservation 2024 Carullo, Daniele + Article (author) -
Technological and nutritional properties of backery-products enriched with immature wheat grain 2006 M.A. PaganiM.C. Casiraghi + Article (author) -
Technological and analytical aspects related to shelf life of fresh pasteurized milk 2002 I. De Noni Book Part (author) -
Technological and nutritional properties of einkorn wheat 2010 A. Hidalgo Vidal + Book Part (author) -
Technological Evaluation of High Fiber And Gluten-Free Breads Made With Teff (Eragrostis tef) and Associated Flours 2021 Proserpio, CristinaCattaneo, Camilla + Article (author) -
Technological functionality of composite flours from sorghum, tapioca and cowpea 2022 A. Marti + Article (author) -
Technological Performance of Cricket Powder (Acheta domesticus L.) in Wheat-Based Formulations 2022 Andrea BrescianiGaetano CardoneCostanza JuckerSara SavoldelliAlessandra Marti Article (author) -
Technological performances of commercial yeast strains (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in different complex dough formulations 2007 M. RolliniE. CasiraghiM.A. PaganiM. Manzoni Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 2.625 a 2.644 di 2.884
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