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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Saffron valorization by NIR spectroscopy 2023 Irene LocatelliDavide PedraliSilvia Grassi Conference Object -
Salt reduction in bakery products: A critical review on the worldwide scenario, its impacts and different strategies 2022 Proserpio C.Pagliarini E. + Article (author) -
Salt-soluble protein extracts from Hermetia illucens and Bombix mori for high protein pasta production 2023 Hidalgo, Alyssa + Article (author) -
Sample handling strategies for the determination of biophenols in food and plants - Review 2002 D. Tura + Article (author) -
Sanificazione nell'industria alimentare 2008 A. Vecchio Book (editor) -
School children preferences for fish formulations : the impact of child and parental food neophobia 2016 M. LaureatiC. CattaneoV. BergamaschiC. ProserpioE. Pagliarini Article (author) -
School-based intervention with children : peer-modeling, reward and repeated exposure reduce food neophobia and increase liking of fruits and vegetables 2014 M. LaureatiV. BergamaschiE. Pagliarini Article (author) -
Scientific Report of EFSA prepared by a DATEX Working Group on the potential health impact of β-casomorphins and related peptides 2009 I. De Noni + Book (author) -
Scienza del latte : principi di tecnologia del latte e dei derivati. - 3. ed. 2000 I. De Noni Book (editor) -
A screen-printed electrode modified with gold nanoparticles/cellulose nanocrystals for electrochemical detection of 4,4′-methylene diphenyl diamine 2023 Ghaani M.Carullo D.Farris S. + Article (author) -
Screening among byproducts of winemaking, tomato- and apple- processing for selection of efficient natural inhibitors against hyperglycemia complications 2013 S. PedapatiV. Lavelli Book Part (author) -
Screening chimico-analitico di imballaggi in carta e cartone per uso alimentare: approccio chemiometrico e valutazione del rischio di migrazione 2013 V. GuazzottiL. PiergiovanniS. Limbo + Conference Object -
Screening for chemicals in paper and board packaging for food use: chemometric approach and estimation of migration 2015 V. GuazzottiL. PiergiovanniS. Limbo + Article (author) -
Screening grape seeds recovered from winemaking byproducts as sources of reducing agents and mammalian a-glucosidase and a-amylase inhibitors 2015 V. LavelliP. S. C. Sri Harsha + Article (author) -
Screening of diesters of ortho-phthalic acid in printed baby bibs in the European market 2022 Limbo S. + Article (author) -
Screening of maize germplasm for nutritional and technological parameters 2015 M. ZanolettiD. FessasM. SignorelliM.A. Pagani + Conference Object -
Seafood freshness: e-nose data for classification purposes 2022 Grassi, SilviaBenedetti, SimonaBuratti, Susanna + Article (author) -
Seasonal changes of volatile profile of Bitto PDO cheese 2008 I. De Noni + Book Part (author) -
Secoiridoids, tocopherols, and antioxidant activity of monovarietal extra virgin olive oils extracted from destoned fruits 2005 V. Lavelli + Article (author) -
Seed characteristics and physicochemical properties of powders of 25 edible dry bean varieties 2018 Cappa, Carola + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 2.355 a 2.374 di 2.884
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