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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Packaging-food interactions in shelf life modeling 2012 L. PiergiovanniS. Limbo Book Part (author) -
Paenibacillus tylopili sp.nov., a chitinolytic bacterium isolated from the mycorhizosphere of Tylopilus felleus 2008 M. Stuknyte + Article (author) -
Il panorama italiano delle paste fresche all’uovo 2009 C. Alamprese Article (author) -
Parametri chimici utili al monitoraggio della shelf life dei prodotti di IV gamma 2010 A. SpinardiG. Cocetta Book (author) -
Parents for orphan foods wanted 2001 O.V. Brenna Book Part (author) -
Partial characterization of plasmids from Geobacillus stearothermophilus strain 3 and the other related strains 2003 M. Stuknyte + Article (author) -
Pasta as a vehicle of bioactive compounds: how technology can help to deliver high quality products 2018 A. MartiM. A. Pagani Conference Object -
Pasta fresca per celiaci a base di grano saraceno 2010 C. Alamprese Article (author) -
Pasta from pulses : conventional extrusion or extrusion-cooking? 2019 A. BrescianiA. Marti Conference Object -
Pasta from Red Lentils (Lens culinaris): The Effect of Pasta-Making Process on Starch and Protein Features, and Cooking Behavior 2022 Andrea BrescianiDaniela ErbaMaria Cristina CasiraghiStefania IamettiAlessandra MartiAlberto Barbiroli Article (author) -
Pasta from yellow lentils : How process affects starch features and pasta quality 2021 Bresciani, AndreaMarti, Alessandra + Article (author) -
Pasta optimization for the production of pasta enriched with functional ingredients 2022 A. MArti + Conference Object -
Pasta-Making Process: A Narrative Review on the Relation between Process Variables and Pasta Quality 2022 Bresciani A.Pagani M. A.Marti A. Article (author) -
Pasta-products enriched with immature wheat grain : technological and nutritional properties 2005 M. ZardiM.A. PaganiM.C. Casiraghi + Article (author) -
Pasta-products enriched with immature wheat grain: technological and nutritional properties 2003 M.A. PaganiM.C. CasiraghiM. Zardi + Article (author) -
Pasta: quality testing methods 2016 A. MartiM.A. Pagani + Book Part (author) -
Pasteurized fresh egg pasta: dependence of structural and cooking properties on heat treatment intensity 2007 E. CasiraghiC. AlampreseM. Rossi Book Part (author) -
Pasting properties and retrogradation behaviour of different rice varieties 2007 M. MariottiN. SinelliM. LucisanoM.A. Pagani + Book Part (author) -
Pasting Properties of Dry Bean Powders from 25 Michigan-Grown Cultivars from Two Crop Years 2016 Carola Cappa + Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 1.979 a 1.998 di 2.884
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