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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Obesità : una questione di gusto 2020 C. CattaneoE. Pagliarini Conference Object -
Obiettivi di qualità nel settore vitivinicolo e ruolo della chimica analitica strumentale 2003 F. TateoM. Bononi Conference Object -
Occurence and analysis of melatonin in food plants 2012 M. IritiS. VitaliniF. Faoro + Book Part (author) -
Occurence of beta-casomorphins 5 and 7 in commercial dairy products and in their digests following in vitro simulated gastro-intestinal digestion 2010 I. De NoniS. Cattaneo Article (author) -
Occurrence and Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in Wine 2018 daniela fracassettiileana vigentini Book Part (author) -
Occurrence and fate of ACE-inhibitor peptides in cheeses and in their digestates following in vitro static gastrointestinal digestion 2015 M. StuknyteS. CattaneoF. MasottiI. De Noni Article (author) -
Occurrence of aflatoxins in feedstuff, sheep milk and dairy products in Western Sicily 2003 A. Vecchio + Article (author) -
Occurrence of galactosyl isomaltol and galactosyl beta-pyranone in commercial drinking milk 2001 L. PellegrinoS. Cattaneo Article (author) -
Occurrence of galactosyl isomaltol and galactosyl β-pyranone in commercial drinking milk 2001 Pellegrino L.Cattaneo S. Article (author) -
Occurrence of glucosyl-beta-pyranone and other AGEs from 1-deoxyosone pathway in cereal based foods 2002 L. PellegrinoP. ResminiI. De NoniS. Cattaneo Book Part (author) -
Occurrence of Pesticide Residues In Italian Honey From Different Areas In Relation To Its Potential Contamination Sources 2014 S. PanseriA. GiorgiF. ArioliL.M. Chiesa + Article (author) -
Occurrence of targeted nutrients and potentially bioactive compounds during in vitro digestion of wheat spaghetti 2018 S. CattaneoM. StuknytėM. C. CasiraghiI. De Noni + Article (author) -
Occurrence, biological properties and potential effects on human health of β-casomorphin 7 : Current knowledge and concerns 2020 De Noni, Ivano + Article (author) -
Occurrence, origin and fate of pyroglutamyl-γ3-casein in cheese 2013 F. MasottiI. De NoniS. CattaneoV. RosiM. StuknyteL. Pellegrino + Article (author) -
Ochratoxin A occurrence in Italian wines of different origin 2004 A. VecchioM. Scarpellini + Article (author) -
Odor–Taste–Texture interactions as a promising strategy to tackle adolescent overweight 2021 Cristina ProserpioElvira VerduciGian Vincenzo ZuccottiElla Pagliarini Article (author) -
Odour investigation of granular polyolefins for flexible food packaging using a sensory panel and an electronic nose 2008 L. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
OGM 2003 F. TateoM. Bononi Book (author) -
OGM e alimenti: etichettatura e tracciabilità 2004 F. TateoM. Bononi Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 1.907 a 1.926 di 2.884
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