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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Macinazione a pietra e macinazione a cilindri a confronto: focus sulle caratteristiche delle farine integrali e del pane 2021 G. CARDONEM. A. PAGANIM. C. CASIRAGHID. ERBAA. MARTI + Article (author) -
Macromolecular and Micronutrient Profiles of Sprouted Chickpeas to Be Used for Integrating Cereal-Based Food 2017 M. MarengoA. CarpenF. BonomiM.C. CasiraghiE. MeroniS. IamettiM.A. PaganiA. Marti + Article (author) -
Macromolecular and rheological properties of Italian waxy wheat 2011 R. CaramanicoG. BottegaA. BarbiroliS. IamettiM.A. Pagani + Conference Object -
Macromolecular interactions and rheological properties of buckwheat dough obtained from differently processed grains 2008 M. MariottiM. LucisanoM.A. PaganiS. Iametti Article (author) -
Macromolecular non-releasing additives for safer food packaging : application to ethylene/a-olefins and propylenebased polymers 2014 S. Limbo + Article (author) -
Macromolecular Traits in the African Rice Oryza glaberrima and in Glaberrima/Sativa Crosses, and Their Relevance to Processing 2017 M. MarengoA. BarbiroliF. BonomiM.C. CasiraghiA. MartiM.A. PaganiE. RaggD. FessasJ.A. HogenboomS. Iametti + Article (author) -
Magnetic nanoparticles for protein-protein interaction studies 2010 M. MarengoM. MirianiF. BonomiS. Iametti + Conference Object -
Magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography assessment of electroporation in different complex structures 2022 Genovese Jessica + Book Part (author) -
Magnetic Tuning of the Electrochemical Reactivity through Controlled Surface Orientation of Catalytic Nanowires 2006 M. Scampicchio + Article (author) -
Magnetism and NIR dual-response polypyrrole-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for bacteria removal and inactivation 2021 Farris S. + Article (author) -
Main manufacturing processes for food packaging materials 2016 S. Farris Book Part (author) -
Maize Prolamins Resistant to Peptic-tryptic Digestion Maintain Immune-recognition by IgA from Some Celiac Disease Patients 2012 S. IamettiM. MirianiF. Bonomi + Article (author) -
Malting and Brewing with rice : A gluten-free alternative 2008 CEPPI, ELENA LAURA MARIA Doctoral Thesis -
Manuale della ristorazione : management, progettazione dei pasti, nutrizione, igiene, merceologia, tecnologia, legislazione 2009 S. CiappellanoR.C. FoschinoG. GiovanelliR. GuidettiV. LavelliM. Porrini + Book (editor) -
Manufacturing of Food Packaging Based on Nanocellulose : Current Advances and Challenges 2020 Ghislain FotieSara LimboLuciano Piergiovanni Article (author) -
Mapping of dairy cream shelf-life by means of mechanical measurements combined with multivariate analysis 2007 L. PiazzaGIGLI, JIABRILBALLABIO, DAVIDE + Article (author) -
Mapping physicochemical surface modifications of flametreated polypropylene 2014 S. FarrisC.L. BianchiL. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Mapping Quality Traits Associated with Grain Micronutrient Content in Diploid Wheats Using Interspecific Introgression Lines 2009 A. HidalgoD. Erba + Conference Object -
Mapping the tongue : a novel approach to explore cross-cultural differences in chemosensory perception 2019 C. CattaneoE. Pagliarini + Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 1.614 a 1.633 di 2.884
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