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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Handheld NIR device : A non-targeted approach to assess authenticity of fish fillets and patties 2018 S. GrassiE. CasiraghiC. Alamprese Article (author) -
Head space sensor array for the detection of aflatoxin M1 in raw ewe's milk 2005 S. BenedettiS. IamettiF. BonomiS. Mannino Article (author) -
Headspace volatile compounds during osmotic dehydration of strawberries (cv Camarosa): Influence of osmotic solution and processing time 2007 S. Buratti + Article (author) -
Headspace-SPME Analysis of Volatiles from Quince Whole Fruits 2010 F. TateoM. Bononi Article (author) -
Health-Promoting Effects of  Traditional Mediterranean Diets : A Review 2012 M. IritiS. Vitalini Article (author) -
Heat and mass transfer in roast beef cooking : temperature and weight loss prediction 2015 L. Piazza + Article (author) -
Heat damage and in vitro starch digestibility of puffed wheat kernels 2015 S. CattaneoA. HidalgoF. MasottiM. StuknyteI. De Noni + Article (author) -
Heat Damage Evaluation during Tomato Products Processing 1998 A. Hidalgo VidalC. Pompei + Article (author) -
Heat damage of water biscuits from einkorn, durum and bread wheat flours 2011 A.M. Hidalgo Vidal + Article (author) -
Heat resistant protease from Pseudomonas fluorescens MFP1 1989 M.G. FortinaE. PagliariniP.L. Manachini Article (author) -
Heat-induced aggregation and covalent linkages in beta-casein model systems 1999 L. PellegrinoP. ResminiM.A. Pagani + Article (author) -
Hexanal as biomarker for milk oxidative stress induced by copper ions 2017 M.S. Cosio + Article (author) -
High moisture extrusion of pulses for the production of meat analogues 2022 A. BrescianiA. Marti + Conference Object -
High moisture extrusion of pulses for the production of meat analogues 2022 A. BrescianiA. Marti + Conference Object -
High performance liquid chromatography of phenolic compounds in virgin olive oils using amperometric detection 1993 S. ManninoM.S. Cosio + Article (author) -
A high protein ancient wheat species: Einkorn 2023 Hidalgo, Alyssa + Article (author) -
High temperature pasteurization of milk: sensory and chemical changes 1990 E. PagliariniC. Peri + Article (author) -
High voltage electrical discharges as an alternative extraction process of phenolic and volatile compounds from wild thyme (Thymus Serpyllum l.) : in silico and experimental approaches for solubility assessment 2020 Carullo D. + Article (author) -
High-amylose and Tongil type Korean rice varieties: physical properties, cooking behaviour and starch digestibility 2022 Andrea BrescianiValentina VagliaFrancesca SaittaDimitrios FessasMaria Cristina CasiraghiDaniela ErbaMaria Ambrogina PaganiStefano BocchiAlessandra Marti + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1.214 a 1.233 di 2.884
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