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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Galattosio residuo nel formaggio Grana Padano in fascera e possibile rilevamento mediante un biosensore 1996 L. PellegrinoI. De NoniS. ManninoP. Resmini Article (author) -
Gas and liquid sensors for quality control in food processing 2005 S. ManninoS. BurattiM.S. Cosio + Book Part (author) -
Gas Barrier Polymer Nanocomposite Films Prepared by Graphene Oxide Encapsulated Polystyrene Microparticles 2020 Farris, Stefano + Article (author) -
Gas chromatography of safranal as preferable method for the commercial grading of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) 2015 M. BononiF. Tateo + Article (author) -
Gastrointestinal digestates of Grana Padano and Trentingrana cheeses promote intestinal calcium uptake and extracellular bone matrix formation in vitro 2016 P. De LucaM. MaggioniM. StuknytėS. CattaneoM. BottaniA. FiorilliI. De NoniA. Ferraretto + Article (author) -
Gastrointestinal effects of immature wheat grain fructo-oligosaccharides 2007 M.C. CasiraghiG. CanovaE. CanziR. ZanchiM.A. Pagani + Conference Object -
Gastrointestinal in vitro digests of infant biscuits formulated with bovine milk proteins positively affect in vitro differentiation of human osteoblast-like cells 2020 Bottani M.Cattaneo S.Pica V.Stuknyte M.Gomarasca M.de Noni I.Ferraretto A. + Article (author) -
GC-C-IRMS and 1H-NMR characterization of synthetic bis(methylthio)methane in truffle flavorings 2018 Monica Bononi Conference Object -
GC-C-IRMS characterization of synthetic bis(methyl-thio)methane in truffle flavorings 2018 M. BononiF. Tateo + Article (author) -
A GC/MS method for the routine determination of acrylamide in food 2003 F. TateoM. Bononi Article (author) -
GC/MS-MID Determination of Safrole in Soft Drinks 2002 M. BononiF. Tateo + Article (author) -
Gel characteristics-waterbinding properties of blood plasma gels and methodological aspects on the waterbinding of gel systems 1982 M. Lucisano + Article (author) -
Gel-electrophoretic characterization of emmer (Triticum dicoccum Schübler) selected from a local population grown in the Apulia region (Italy) 2008 M. BononiF. Tateo + Article (author) -
Gelatin-pectin composite films from polyion complex hydrogels 2011 S. FarrisL. Piergiovanni + Article (author) -
Gelato artigianale: nuovi ingredienti per nuovi trend 2019 C. Alamprese Conference Object -
Gender Differences in Fat-Rich Meat Choice : Influence of Personality and Attitudes 2020 Proserpio Cristina. + Article (author) -
Gender, age, geographical area, food neophobia and their relationships with the adherence to the mediterranean diet: New insights from a large population cross-sectional study 2020 Pagliarini E.Cattaneo C.Laureati M. + Article (author) -
Gene organization, expression, and localization of ribotoxin-like protein ageritin in fruiting body and mycelium of Agrocybe aegerita 2020 D'incecco P.Faoro F. + Article (author) -
Genetic diversity and physiological traits of Brettanomyces bruxellensis strainsnisolated from Tuscan Sangiovese wines 2009 I. VigentiniA. MericoA.G. TirelliC.M. CompagnoR. Foschino + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1.144 a 1.163 di 2.884
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